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'I don't have conservative clothes': Woman attending Malay wedding for first time shares pain of finding the right outfit

'I don't have conservative clothes': Woman attending Malay wedding for first time shares pain of finding the right outfit
PHOTO: Screengrabs/TikTok/_fluffyyy

Being invited to a friend's wedding is usually an exciting prospect.

Until you realise that your wardrobe doesn't contain the appropriate clothes for such an event, that is.

On Feb 20, TikTok user _fluffyyy shared a 68-second clip of her feeling stressed about her outfit before heading out for her first Malay wedding.


As she was putting on make-up, _fluffyyy noted that Malay wedding guests are required to "cover their shoulders and legs".

This conservative dress code is a "mark of respect to the newlyweds and their family members" according to Her World Singapore.

This would pose a problem. Take a quick scroll through her TikTok account and you'd understand why.

"Everything in my wardrobe is literally sleeveless. I don't have any conservative clothes," she explained.

Chances are this spaghetti-strap top with ripped jeans combination wouldn't make the cut at any wedding reception.

The bride and groom also suggested that guests come in nude, beige or brown-coloured outfits, all of which _fluffyyy doesn't own.

Thankfully for her, a sibling eventually swooped in to lend her a dress suited for a Malay wedding.

In the end, she went with a much more modest look — a brown dress borrowed from her sister paired with a white cardigan.

In the comments section, netizens shared what they felt were no-gos when it comes to a Malay wedding dress code.

One mentioned that all is fine "as long as [guests] don't wear super short shorts".

A few other TikTok users shared a similar point of view.

The general rule, it seems, is to not wear anything too revealing. seconded this point before adding that guests can wear the traditional Malay costume, baju kurung, too.

If the wedding is held outdoors, it is likely to be warm so wear something light and comfortable.

It's a similar vibe for Indian weddings as well. If the ceremony takes place in a temple, it's best to wear a traditional outfit.

All you have to do is avoid the colour black.

It's a little more complicated with Chinese weddings where white is a colour you want to avoid.

You can never go wrong with the colour red given its association with prosperity, just remember not to wear slippers or shorts!

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