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I recreated Burger King Thailand's 'Real Cheese Burger' to see if too much cheese is a bad thing

I recreated Burger King Thailand's 'Real Cheese Burger' to see if too much cheese is a bad thing
PHOTO: AsiaOne, Facebook/BurgerKingThailand

When assembling a burger, customisation is, personally, my favourite part.

A slice of tomato, a drizzle of mustard or a few slices of cheese can add so much more to a burger.

However, is it possible to have too much of a good thing?

Burger King Thailand went full-on unconventional with its latest launch, the Real Cheese Burger.

It is as it says on the packet, an actual cheese burger. No meat, no veggies, just sesame-seeded buns with 20 slices of American cheese in between.

The burger is only sold in Thailand for 109 baht (S$4.20) until July 13.

Since we can't get our hands on it here in Singapore, why not have a go at remaking the Real Cheese Burger?

Extra cheese, please

Unfortunately, I couldn't get my hands on American cheese at the nearest supermarket. So it'll have to be 20 slices of the typical type of processed cheese instead.

Halfway through stacking my cheese slices, I realised a tiny problem.

The sliced cheese I bought were rather thick and I might struggle to take a bite of this burger once fully assembled.

As such, a quick squish was warranted on the crown - the top of the bun - before I was off layering the remaining 10 slices of cheese.

When completed, I was not looking forward to taking that first bite.

For one, this cheeseburger was missing an entire patty!

And also, it did not look appetising at all, even to a cheese lover like me.

"Did you know each slice of cheese contains 296mg of sodium?" a colleague asked enthusiastically. It then dawned on me that's 5,920mg of sodium in my burger. 

I didn't have a good feeling about this but swooped in for the first bite anyway.

Despite trying my best to get all 20 slices in one bite, I failed miserably and only managed to get myself halfway through the stacked burger.

"That's not too bad," another colleague said, referring to my feeble attempt at a bite.

I wish I could say the same about the burger though.

A second bite did not help things at all. All those slices of cheese had almost combined to form one giant block of dairy essentially.

It was extremely dry and, honestly, a struggle to eat.

I did my best to continue, each bite tinier than the last, before I finally conceded defeat and tapped out.

At least three-quarter of the burger was still uneaten.

I'm all for trying new food trends but it has to, at least, be a fun experience.

My suggestion is to hop on the next food trend, as this one is an instant no-go in my books.

Am I the problem?

While I had a less-than-positive experience with my homemade cheese burger, one Thai-based netizen was pleased with Burger King's newest invention.

This happy customer mentioned that if you're a fan of cheese, and even eating half of it is "very satisfying". 

They specifically suggested sharing the burger as a warning due to "health concerns".

Maybe the trick to saving this burger lies in grilling the cheese, who knows?

Or maybe just bring back the meat patty, like an actual cheeseburger.

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