I tried McDonald's new laksa-inspired burger and was actually quite impressed

I tried McDonald's new laksa-inspired burger and was actually quite impressed
From left to right: Laksa Delight Prawn Burger, Laksa Delight Chicken Burger, Pulut Hitam Pie and Teh C Frappe.
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McDonald's has come up with, quite possibly, its most intriguing burger yet.

With National Day just around the corner, it's no surprise that this burger has a Singaporean twist.

This is nothing particularly groundbreaking with McDonald's history of releasing burgers inspired by local dishes such as nasi lemak, rendang and chicken rice.

Laksa though? Preparing a solid bowl of laksa is complicated enough as is. The paste itself needs a perfect combination of lemongrass, candlenuts, and chillies, among other ingredients.

When heading to McDonald's Test Kitchen for the unveiling of the Laksa Delight Burger (and a few other local favourites), I wasn't exactly sure what to expect.

But I tried my best to keep an open mind, and I was so glad I did.

These burgers be saucy (and I like it)

Upon arrival, we were given a warm welcome by the friendly staff.

After some niceties, we were brought inside McDonald's Test Kitchen to have a viewing of how the Laksa Delight Burger is made. 

Having that experience actually made me realise just how 'fast' fast food really is. 

Without breaking a sweat, the staff assembled a host of burgers in almost no time — from the toasting of the butter buns to the final addition of a round egg alongside the prawn or chicken patty.

I learned that a Portion Pal portion control dispenser was used to ensure consistency when it comes to the amount of laksa sauce found in every Laksa Delight Burger.

When we had the chance to sit down and have our first bite of the burger, I was actually secretly hoping for a little more sauce.

It was punchy without being overpowering. Those who enjoy a fiery bowl of laksa might be a tad disappointed that this burger doesn't carry a similar kick.

But regardless, I was impressed by the sauce. 


Chicken or prawn? While laksa is traditionally served with prawn, I preferred the chicken option. I felt it was crispier and more flavourful, so it held its own better against the other flavours in the burger.

The prawn patty was milder and texture-wise, it didn't really cut it for me. 

An a la carte burger goes for $7.40 while the Extra Value Meal is from $9.10.

The next time I order a meal at McDonald's, the Laksa Delight Burger might just edge out my all-time favourite McSpicy.

Same same but different

It seems like I'll be eating some humble pie (bad segue, but worth a try) after my initial doubts regarding the Laksa Delight Burger. 

Well, why not make it a McDonald's Pulut Hitam Pie?

This modern spin on a local favourite looked relatively unassuming on the outside. The cross-section is where it got interesting as the purple sticky rice coconut cream filling oozed out with every slight squeeze.

I had a generous mouthful and was rather surprised at how mild-tasting it was.

Generally, I don't veer toward the sweet side when it comes to desserts so this threw me off completely.

A few more nibbles of the Pulut Hitam Pie (from $1.70) confirmed that this dessert would be a sure winner among those who don't absolutely drench their bowl of pulut hitam with coconut milk.

The Teh C Frappe simply works and I would not be surprised if this drink turns out to be one of the more popular frappucinos.

The rich taste of Teh C is present and who can say no to a touch of freshly whipped cream and some chocolate powder, right?

I'm a stickler for tradition, especially when it comes to teh and kopi, but even I had to admit that the Teh C Frappe was an enjoyable drink. 

I downed it in no time and can't wait to have another try of McDonald's Teh C Frappe. A small size starts at $4.50 while a medium will set you back $5.

The Laksa Delight Burger – Prawn or Chicken, Teh C Frappe and Pulut Hitam Pie are all available from today (July 28).

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