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Improve your luck by obeying these 4 Chinese New Year customs

Improve your luck by obeying these 4 Chinese New Year customs
Err on the side of caution and obey these car superstitions in the Year of the Rabbit ahead! Geomancers promise better fortune as a result, and who doesn't want that?
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These beliefs have been built on culture and traditions dating back to almost 5,000 years ago, originally used as guidelines for one's home, which has since been adapted to work within the confines of a car.

Even if it doesn't actually do anything scientifically, the knowledge that you aren't upsetting any ancient deities can do wonders for one's psychological well being. So if you want to improve your luck, do take these customs to heart!

Add a dash of red

Red has always been associated with prosperity. Attract wealth by incorporating this hue in your vehicle.

We suggest using red envelopes, preferably stuffed with a decent amount of cash to serve as harbingers for a not-insignificant windfall.

Do attempt this with some basic common sense though. Keep the envelope in a discreet location within your cockpit to ensure would-be car thieves do not attempt a break-in.

Avoid driving a black car

Black is an ominous colour that usually accompanies misfortune. It is often associated with mourning, which isn't an emotion that you really want to feel during this festive season.

We understand that it is illogical to totally avoid driving your black car, but we do have a solution.You can either wrap your car in an auspicious colour (you can find a reputable wrap shop in our workshop directory), or place something that is red in the cabin of your vehicle.

A pair of oranges work too. Which brings us to the next point.

Add a pair of oranges anyway

To really ward off any bad luck in this year of the rabbit, you should properly consider placing a pair of oranges on your dashboard, regardless of the colour of your vehicle.

Mandarin oranges, or Tangerines, have a mandarin name that is phonetically similar to the world for "lucky". They also have a hue that represents good fortune (orange is not that far off gold).

We recommend you remove the oranges once the festive period is over, as they can leach acids past their sell-by date, which can damage your dashboard.

Deep clean your car

As with spring cleaning a home, ridding your car of debris and clutter can reduce the risk of you bringing any of last year's bad fortune into the new year.

You can attempt to do it yourself, but you can also get your car cleaned by a grooming service.

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Have a bouncy good year ahead!

Follow these tips to maximise your wealth chances. Perhaps this time next year, you'd be driving around in the car that you have always lusted for.

This article was first published in Motorist.

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