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Initial D Lego MOC swings into full gear with Toyota AE86 tribute

Initial D Lego MOC swings into full gear with Toyota AE86 tribute

Lego has always cultivated the spirit of creativity, and MOCs (My Own Creation) are where it bears fruition. Created from standard bricks, these custom builds have spawned in countless forms over the years, with their roots spanning a host of different fandoms and inspiration sources.

Bricks, Blocks and MOCs‘ latest creation highlight is a custom Lego model that takes after the iconic Toyota AE86 from Initial D. In a nine-minute YouTube video, MOC enthusiast David details the creation process for his latest project, which also features pop-up headlights and a speedometer.

Starting from the base of the car, he first completes the lower part of the AE86 with the lights and shares the secret behind the mechanism.

The magic lies in using one-by-six tiles, hinge pieces, and brackets to allow for a tilting motion — an interactive element that’s carried over in the doors as well. Like the headlights, the doors on the MOC can be opened and closed just like those on a regular vehicle.

Once the general frame is completed, stickers are next on the agenda. To keep the AE86 aesthetic as faithful to the anime as possible, the side and the rear of car are decorated with decals that read “Fujiwara Tofu Store” and the car model respectively.

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Of course, no Lego creation is complete without a minifigure. The Initial D build comes with a minifig of the main protagonist, Fujiwara Takumi, and makes for a pretty cool love letter to one of the most beloved classics in anime history.

This is just one of the many passion projects that David has dabbled in. Apart from providing digital instructions on his website, he also includes a parts list, and is open to accepting custom orders of Lego car builds.

This article was first published in Geek Culture.

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