Inside Jamie Chua's luxurious Dunearn bungalow: A boho-chic garden lounge, spa room and her 2,000 lipsticks

Inside Jamie Chua's luxurious Dunearn bungalow: A boho-chic garden lounge, spa room and her 2,000 lipsticks

After 13 long years, Jamie Chua is moving out of her massive home. 

Always been curious to know what the inside of her two-and-a-half-storey Merryn Road bungalow looks like? You're in luck because the 48-year-old socialite has finally decided to give all of us a tour of her house. 

In a video uploaded onto YouTube on Friday (April 8), Jamie shared that while many have requested a house tour for ages, she previously had not been able to do one due to "security reasons". 

But since she would have completed her move before uploading the video, she shared that she finally felt ready to reveal her luxurious digs. 

Here are the highlights.

She's bringing her Meyer lemon tree, roses and silky chickens to her new place

Jamie started off the home tour by showing off in her garden, sharing that it is special to her because it's the place she goes to whenever she feels stressed. 

During the tour, she also shared that she plans on bringing over all of her "beloved plants". 

This includes her Meyer lemon tree and multiple pots of roses. 

Unfortunately, as much as Jamie loves all her plants, not everything can be brought over — she shared that her banana tree will have to be left behind. However, she added that she has already planted a new one at the new home.

Jamie also gave a quick tour of her mini farm, which houses her silky chickens. And of course, the birds will be coming along with her to the new house.

Her love of nature is extends to her garden-themed lounge area. The room is decorated with a neon sign that reads "Jamie's Garden", retro posters, rattan furniture and — of course — lots of plants. 

The boho-chic space radiates good vibes, and it's not surprising that her kids Cleveland and Calista love to chill there when they visit her. 

Her house has a home theatre and a spa room

The tour included a brief look around her home theatre, which has now become a storeroom. 

While the plush theatre-like seats are all still there, they're accompanied by a random assortment of bits and bobs like bicycles, cardboard boxes and even photo backdrops. 

With both her kids leaving the nest, Jamie shares that she decided to convert their study area to a spa room, complete with a massage bed. Here, she gets beauty treatments and lash services.

She doesn't plan on bringing her huge safe deposit boxes with her 

It isn't surprising that Jamie has quite a number of safe deposit boxes in her home, considering how expensive some of her belongings are

However, these won't be following her to her new home. 

"I don't think it's even possible to move it, it is super big and super heavy," she explained. 

Her walk-in wardrobe isn't big enough to house all her bags

Everyone knows about Jamie's legendary fingerprint-protected wardrobe which she fondly dubs "JC Amazing Closet" and her famous Hermes collection. 

But did you know that she has a separate storage space where she keeps some of her other branded designer bags? 

Her extensive collection includes purses from Louis Vuitton and Chanel.

"I couldn't put them all together. There is absolutely no space," she lamented. 

One pair of lips, 2,000 lipsticks

Another burgeoning collection that Jamie is struggling to organise is her makeup and skincare products. In fact, her beauty collection is so extensive that decided to build a vanity room in her new home so that her products can be displayed "in the most organised manner". 

"One pair of lips, 2,000 lipsticks. One face, 20 foundations. One pair of eyes, 1,000 palettes. That is the amazing situation that I am stuck in," quips Jamie. 

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