Jade Rasif shares how she was 'negged' by a billionaire and how alpha women are seen as b****es

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Being complimented by others is always a nice feeling. But not when it involves 'negging', and online personality Jade Rasif can attest to that.

On The Daily Ketchup Podcast released on Monday (Nov 28), she shared an incident where she was on the receiving end of 'negging' by a man. That did not sit well with the 28-year-old.

To the less acquainted, 'negging' means giving backhanded compliments to a person in an attempt to flirt with them.

Just think back to secondary school crushes and how you tried to catch their attention.

But some people simply don't grow up, according to Jade.

The man suggested that she start an OnlyFans account, presumably in an attempt to compliment her looks.

"If I cared about money, I'd be married to a billionaire," Jade replied.

The man shot back, asking her what makes her think a billionaire would agree to that proposition.

"I was so upset because he was a billionaire. I got up and I left. I was like 'wow, what a f***er.'"

In the podcast, the hosts and Jade also discussed their takes on alpha and beta traits in people, as well as where they thought they stood on the scale.

According to Pairedlife, alpha individuals are described as ambitious, competitive, confident and charismatic. 

To Jade, when men are seen as alpha, it is linked to masculine traits like dominance or assertiveness.

"But sometimes when those traits are being applied to women, what it can mean is that you are a b****," she said.

And being labelled as an 'alpha' is more detrimental to women as compared to men, Jade added.

Interestingly, Jade, who doesn't shy away from speaking up on difficult issues, said that she does not see herself as an alpha.

She admitted, however, that men probably see her as an alpha female, given how intimidating she can appear to them.

This is "by design", Jade said, as she does not want to be seen as meek.

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