'I'm Malay and this displeases me': Jade Rasif reviews food on her Singapore Airlines first-class flight

Jade Rasif is not a fan of the satay served on SIA's first-class flights
PHOTO: Screengrabs/TikTok/Jaderasif

Food on a first-class flight has got to be first-rate.

But the reality is that not many would actually know if that's truly the case. 

Well, DJ and online personality Jade Rasif recently provided a peek into the world of the rich and famous when she documented snippets of her Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight from Paris to Singapore.

Given that it was a 12-hour flight, the 28-year-old was able to sample a myriad of dishes.

She collated the mini-reviews in a video and posted it on TikTok on Wednesday (Oct 26).


As an appetiser Jade had caviar and champagne, which she enjoyed and awarded it an 11 out of 10 rating.

She explained that the "bonus [is] for the mother of pearl spoon".

Unfortunately, the satay was disappointing. While Jade found the meat to be good, the satay sauce wasn't of the right consistency. 

"I'm Malay and this displeases me," she added.

The bad reviews continued with the dessert, a chocolate tart with lingonberries and ice cream.

She seemed to have trouble scooping the ice cream off her plate and mentioned that there's an objectively appropriate temperature to serve ice cream and hers was simply "too cold".

Thankfully, that was the end of her negative experience with the food.

Who could say no to a cup of hot cocoa and shortbread at midnight? Plus Jade took the opportunity to showcase her Yves Saint Laurent handbag.

Other dishes that received two thumbs up from Jade were the kway teow, herbal chicken soup and scrambled eggs breakfast platter.

In the comments section, some netizens disagreed with Jade's view of SIA's satay.

PHOTOS: Screenshots/TikTok/Jaderasif

Other TikTok users had their attention drawn to other matters.

"I didn't realise Jade Rasif is Malay," one said. Jade mentioned in a separate TikTok clip that her grandfather is Javanese.

Another netizen asked how Jade could afford her first-class ticket. 

Jade replied that she couldn't afford a $16,000 ticket and added that her flight ticket and accommodation was paid for as part of an event she was attending. 

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