Jamie Chua introduces her collection of luxury pink bags, including a 'useless' one that costs $12,500

Jamie Chua introduces her collection of luxury pink bags, including a 'useless' one that costs $12,500
PHOTO: Instagram/ec24m

She's known for having one of the world's largest collection of Hermes handbags, and has even been featured in foreign media for her amazing closet that's protected by finger-print access.

Another thing that socialite Jamie Chua has recently revealed, is her penchant for her favourite colour, pink. Last week, the Instagram queen gave us an insight to the wide range of pink bags in her collection, and her succinct review of each one in just a few words.

And while we're definitely not here to tell you how you should spend your money, researching the prices of these mostly limited edition and sold out bags made us want to cry into our low-threadcount cotton pillow covers.

For the record, the total cost of all nine bags could probably net you a brand new car in Singapore, or maybe even two.


'Smallest pink bag'

Looks like: Jacquemus Mini Chiquito Bag


Price: According to designer bag review site PurseBlog, this wee bag that fits in the palm of your hand is listed at US$535 (S$744) and is "proof that millennials will buy whatever you tell them to buy".

'Biggest pink bag'

Looks like: Christian Dior Toile de Jouy Book Tote


Price: US$3,900 for the small and US$4,300 for the larger size, according to Singaporean blogger Bagaholicboy.

'Cutest pink bag'

Looks like: The rare Hermes Kelly Doll Bag that comes with a face, arms and legs.


Price: We couldn't find the exact version online, but what we know is that it's an "incredibly rare" style of bag that has since been discontinued but revived for special occasions. 

An Hermes Limited Edition Noisette Gulliver Leather Quelle Idole Kelly Doll Bag was on auction for US$8,300 back in 2014, and we saw a pink bubblegum pink one that was listed for over US$116,000 on a vintage bag site. Talk about eye-watering.

On another resale website we stumbled upon, a version of the bag in its signature orange leather is currently going for a whopping €30,505 (S$48,440).

'Most useful pink bag'

Looks like: Hermes Birkin 35 Bubblegum 5P Pink bag with silver hardware


Price: Described as "most coveted among collectors", we suspect this roomy tote is the reason why it's described by Jamie as the "most useful". 

Listed at US$49,995 and sold out on a vintage bag resale site, usefulness certainly comes at a price.

'Pink bag that has never been used'

Looks like: Chanel patent Round as Earth evening bag


Price: Listed as sold on Sotheby's auction site for US$2,500

This cute bag with a slightly impractical shape was listed by Jamie last year as one of her biggest designer bag regrets. She'd described how she bought the cute patent pink bag simply because it was "the perfect pink, the pink that Jamie loves".

"When I saw the colour, even if I wasn't crazy about the shape and the style, I just had to have it," she'd said, adding that she hasn't put anything in the bag since she bought it.

Guess what, almost a year later, she still hasn't used it.

'Vanity pink bag'

Looks like: Moynat Mini Vanity in pale pink


Price: This 12cm cube-shaped bag would have set you back by €2,500 (S$3,941), back in 2015. On one resale site we found, it was listed (and sold) for US$3,590.

'Favourite pink bag'


Looks like: Hermès Birkin "Rose Sakura" with silver hardware

Price: Listed for US$18,500 on a second-hand luxury retailer.

In the earlier YouTube video, Chua had raved: "I cannot believe that a pink colour can be so neutral", and that "it literally goes with everything".

'Hardest-to-get pink bag'


Looks like: Hermes Mini Kelly

Price: US$18,000, according to some media reports. 

'Useless pink bag'


Looks like: Hermes Tiny Kelly

Price: A version in blue was listed at US$10,000 on vintage designer bag site.

We can kinda guess why this literally tiny purse has gotten its unfortunate label, based on its size. And no shade, but we can certainly think of more useful things to do with almost $14,000.


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