Jamie Chua reveals more of temporary home, has 3 rooms for clothes, a $2,578 porcelain side table and a 'nature sanctuary'

Jamie Chua reveals more of temporary home, has 3 rooms for clothes, a $2,578 porcelain side table and a 'nature sanctuary'
PHOTO: YouTube/Jamie Chua

A while back, socialite Jamie Chua gave us a glimpse into the first floor of her temporary — but luxurious — home, where she is staying while her new house being renovated. 

Well, the 48-year-old is back to complete the tour with another YouTube video that was uploaded to her channel last Thursday (June 2). 

Fun fact — Jamie reveals that the home she is currently residing in belongs to her son, Cleveland Cuaca, 27, and is two streets away from her new house. 

Apart from showing us more of her massive living room, she reveals her current wardrobe situation, which is a stark contrast to her old fingerprint-protected closet.

Curious to know how she's been settling into her temporary home? Here's a sneak peek. 

'I see outfits that I don't even know that I have' 

While Jamie is awaiting the completion of her new wardrobe space, she has to make do with what she has in her temporary home. 

This means splitting all her clothes, accessories and makeup into separate rooms across the second floor of her house. 

"Don't be disappointed because I don't have a dedicated closet, so my things are kind of in a mess and spread over three rooms," she explains.

"Unfortunately, the handbags, they cannot live together temporarily," she adds, referencing to her legendary luxury bag collection. 

The first closet she showed us is in her bedroom, and this is an open-concept walk-in wardrobe. Jamie also remarks that she really likes the design of the closet because she can "see everything at a glance" and shared that she is even "toying with the idea" of replicating this layout in her new home. 

Some of her handbags, once displayed in glass cabinets in her old closet, are now stowed on regular shelves. 

Jamie also reveals that in this closet alone, she has five drawers that are brimming with belts and three that house her sunglasses collection. 

The second room she is using as a makeshift closet has a corner piled high with orange Hermes boxes, shoes lined up on the floor and endless racks of clothes. 

"It's even blocking the bathroom," she says while gesticulating towards some clothes racks in a corner. 

In fact, the room is so packed that Jamie admits she doesn't even know if she can find a particular outfit when she needs to. 

"I see outfits that I don't even know that I have," she adds. 

The third room has —surprise, surprise— another closet brimming with clothes, more random clothes racks, her perfume collection and a massage area. 

She has shelves displaying shoes she doesn't wear anymore 

Another interesting feature in the third room is the shelves at the back.

Apart from a few luxury bags and accessories, the shelves houses rows and rows of designer shoes that she apparently no longer wears. 

"I had these shelves put up so that I could still display my favourite shoes. Favourites in the sense that [these are] not my favourite shoes to wear, but more like favourites because they're pretty," she explained.

"I don't really wear such skyrocket heels anymore. It's really bad for my knees." 

Dream come true: A white-themed home

For the longest time, Jamie has wanted to have a clean, white home, but this was hard to achieve as she has two children, she shares.

However, now that they've grown up and moved out, Jamie can turn those fantasies into reality. 

"I feel that it's time to do my favourite dream white house. Yes. Nobody is going to ruin it, hopefully," she says. 

To start, she has already got her black leather Chrome Hearts lounge chairs reupholstered with plush white fabric. 

A Fornasetti porcelain table which costs £1,499 (S$2,578) adds a quirky, artsy touch to the modern living room. 

Her very own 'nature sanctuary'

Fans of Jamie will know she has loves gardening — she even has an Instagram account dedicated to her plant babies and chickens. 

Here at her temporary home, she's created her own corner which she dubs her "nature sanctuary". 

It features rows of potted flowers and herbs, as well as a gazebo where she likes to relax in the mornings and enjoy her "quiet, peaceful" evenings. 


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