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Jamie Chua's temporary home has 25m pool, 'sexy' staircase and view of yachts

Jamie Chua's temporary home has 25m pool, 'sexy' staircase and view of yachts
Jamie Chua gave her viewers a small tour of her new home.
PHOTO: YouTube/Screengrab/Jamie Chua

By now, some of you may already know that local socialite Jamie Chua has moved out of her luxurious two-and-a-half storey Merryn Road bungalow. 

But since construction works over at the 48-year-old's new home are still ongoing, where will she and her collection of luxury bags go in the meantime? A temporary home, of course. 

In a video uploaded onto her YouTube channel on April 29, Jamie shared snippets of the move, as well as the first level of the landed house. 

And while it is only a makeshift arrangement for the next few months, the space already looks pretty homely. Here's a sneak peek.  

She has a 25m swimming pool 

With its 25m private pool, Jamie's new abode certainly isn't lacking in the amenities department. 

According to Jamie, It is "a little bit long" for her, but it is "the only pool in the world that gets [her] swimming".

She adds that she has been swimming every weekend. 

"I wish I could swim a little bit more. But, you know, it's really tiring. Swimming really exercises every muscle on my body." 

Overlooking the pool is a gazebo where Jamie likes to chill at in the evenings and mornings. This is furnished with rattan furniture that she brought over from her previous home. 

A 'sexy' staircase perfect for the 'gram


Apart from her pool area, another part of Jamie's house that she absolutely adores is her "sexy staircase". 

"I am really particular about staircases. I think that staircases are very beautiful and that they should not be hidden," she explains in her video.

With its floating wooden steps and sleek glass panels, the photogenic flight of stairs has already made a few appearances in her OOTDs. 

She can enjoy the view of yachts from her living room

Just a stone's throw from Jamie's living room is a marina, where yachts can be seen bobbing about in the water. 

"It feels like a holiday every day," she quips.

Her silky chickens and Meyer lemon tree have a new home


Gardening is one of the socialite's passions, and she's recreated her beloved mini farm — which she calls Jamie's Secret Garden — over at her new place. 

Previously, Jamie shared that she would be bringing her beloved Meyer lemon tree and silky chickens along with her during her move.

Currently, the Meyer lemon tree sits at the edge of her pool, while her chickens get to enjoy waterfront living as well, with their coop situated by the marina. Talk about living in luxury! 

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