Japanese man drops 10kg from playing video game, shows off impressive abs

PHOTO: Twitter/_kz9

We've seen how losing weight can drastically transform how you look, as shown by this Japanese YouTuber, but who knew that besides exercising and following a strict diet, gaming can also play an important role?

In July, Japanese Twitter user and self-proclaimed "otaku" kzm shared before and after photos of himself, comparing his noticeably rounder body from last November to his muscular, well-defined one now.

From pictures, the "six-packs" on his washboard tummy are clearly visible, along with a pair of V-cut abs near his waistline.

In a caption for the post, which has garnered over 80,000 likes, he noted that his current figure was a result of playing an action role-playing game called Ring Fit Adventure for six months.

The Nintendo Switch game combines the traditional RPG genre with exercise-based challenges. For example, the effectiveness of an attack is dependent on how well you complete the exercise.

Kzm commented that he played the game around five days a week for an hour, with about 25 to 35 minutes of the hour consisting of performing the different exercises required.

Hong Kong media HK01 also reported that he spent more than 100 hours playing the game, burning almost 22,000kcal and clocking in 175km of running according to the game achievements.

When asked about his original weight by another Twitter user, kzm replied that he previously weighed around 70 to 72kg. He currently weighs 58.5kg, having lost more than 10kg within half a year.

In an interview with J Town Net, the 24-year-old shared that the change in his body started about a month and a half after playing the game, when he noticed the weight falling off gradually.

The changes were evident when kzm could not fit into pants bought in April this year as it became too loose for him.

Some of the fitness activities in the game include the mountain climber, plank and boat pose. According to kzm, the most challenging yet rewarding action is planking, which he initially struggled to perform.

As for his diet, it seems he doesn't follow any specific plan at all.

He shared that he usually has ham and eggs, tofu and yogurt for breakfast, and cup noodles for lunch. For dinner, he whips up a simple meal consisting of salmon, rice, miso soup and vegetables.

He also denies drinking any protein shakes to achieve his muscular body.