Jeanette Aw is opening a patisserie but don't expect her famous WTF brownies

PHOTO: Instagram/jeanetteaw

Everyone knows, apart from being an actress, the multi-talented Jeanette Aw is a baking goddess too.

The 41-year-old isn't your typical home baker either – she has completed patisserie courses from the world-renowned Le Cordon Bleu, making her a legit pastry chef.

When it comes to her recipes, she generously shares them with the public through her instagram.

From her no-bake cheesecake tarts to French butter cookies, and more recently, her Chinese New Year-appropriate bak kwa cakes, she has always found new ways to transform the classic pastries.

Some of you may also remember her Instagram-famous What The Fudge (WTF) brownies which did so well that home bakers began to feel threatened by her.

So, it wasn't surprising when she hinted that she would be opening her very own patisserie shop soon.

On Feb 18, Jeanette uploaded a photo of herself at Robertson Quay with a very vague caption about her "getting the keys to [her] dream".

Her followers were quick to catch on. In the comments section, someone asked if she was finally opening a patisserie, to which, she gave a positive response. 

PHOTO: Instagram/Screengrab 

The comments section soon became flooded with congratulatory messages and many expressed their excitement for Jeanette's new venture.

PHOTO: Instagram/Screengrab 

While expectations are bound to be placed over her, don't set yourself up for disappointment – her WTF brownies probably aren't on the menu.

Speaking to 8Days, Jeanette says that she won't be recreating the WTF brownies in the near future after clearing her 900 to 1000 pax wait list. Understandably, she must be quite sick of brownies at this point.

Instead, her patisserie will constantly be switching things up with a variety of desserts, cakes and pastries depending on what Jeanette's feeling.

At present moment, Jeanette has not revealed the exact location of the patisserie, but we do know that it's not going to be at Robertson Quay.

PHOTO: Instagram/Screengrab 

However, she did share with Mothership that it was going to be a takeaway concept and she would be running the whole thing by herself.

Despite that, she also mentioned that she does eventually intend to build a team over time.