#Joeyjios: I tried pole-dancing for the first time - and completely failed at being sexy

As a self-confessed gym rat slash awkward turtle, being sexy is definitely not one of my strong (see what I did there?) suits.

But when my colleague, Le En, jio-ed me to give her favourite hobby a try, how could I say no? After all, she gamely took on my invitation to give personal training a go.

This week on #Joeyjios, I swapped my horizontal barbells out for vertical pole-dancing ones and unleashed the sexy beast inside me.

Or at least I tried to.

Watch as I failed miserably at staying upright on the pole but somehow managed to give my instructor the biggest shock of her career.

#Naturaltalent much?

Just like the time I tried a ballet-inspired workout, I gained a newfound respect for pole-dancers who bare it all, stretch marks, wrinkled skin and cellulite included. 

Twirling around and navigating your way up and down a slippery smooth pole takes a great amount of finesse and coordination that I do not possess. 

If you're looking for fun alternative forms of exercise to keep fit that will improve your self-confidence and help you gain a lot of respect for the human body, you might want to give pole-dancing a go. 

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PHOTO: AsiaOne

Where: Breathe Dance Company 
Address: 15 Phillip Street, Levels 9 & 10 Tan Ean Kiam Building, Singapore 048694

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