#Joeyjios: I try a ballet-inspired workout despite my two left feet

Tendu, Arabesque and Grand Pliés? 

This week on #Joeyjios, I found out that these are in fact, not edible food dishes, but dance moves in ballet. 

I (semi-willingly) traded in my dumbbells and barbells and sacrificed my stiff body for this exercise -- all the while praying that my two left feet don't kill me. 

Watch as former professional ballerinas and co-founders of BalletBody Lisha Chin, 27 and Alison Carroll, 31, take me through a snippet of their hour-long ballet-inspired workout while I try my best to keep up. 

They made their first public BalletBody intro at FitnessFest by AIA 2019, a fitness festival which was held on April 27 at Marina Bay Sands. 

According to their website, the exercises are designed to help "increase strength and flexibility (and allow participants to develop) the long lean muscles of a dancer". 

As a fitness enthusiast who is used to gym-based workouts, I found that BalletBody involves coordinating my mind and muscle-movement in a way that lifting weights do not. 

Keeping track on which move I'm supposed to do and executing them to the best of my (un)graceful abilities was also a monumental challenge. 

If you're bored of your regular cardio or resistance training workout-split, this might prove an interesting activity to try. 

Where: BalletBody Address: 24A Pagoda Street, 059186

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