Johor crowns new premium durian that may taste even better than Mao Shan Wang

PHOTO: Facebook/ Tanippdsegamat

Step aside Mao Shan Wang, there's a newly-crowned premium durian in Johor that could give other well-loved top varieties a run for its money.

Grown by Mad Zin Abdullah from Kampung Tengah, the durian labelled 'P089' has recently won the first-ever Durian Unggul competition at the Johor Agriculture Expo and Fruit Fair 2019, on June 28.

Kampung Tengah is a small town and village in the Segamat district, and resident Mad Zin believes it tastes better than other durians in the area. 

The fruit reportedly has "a slightly bitter taste and creamy texture" that will rival that of Mao Shan Wang and Black Thorn. 

The new premium durian is currently unnamed, and Mad Zin told CNA "I will let them (the agriculture department) name the durian if it gets registered." 

Mad Zin also submitted another variety, labelled 'P088', which won the second prize.

The durians stood out from 16 other entries based on its appearance, texture and overall taste. 

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In total, Mad Zin walked home with RM1,000 (S$327) for first prize and RM750 for second prize, and two Mao Shan Wang durian plants.

Johor has been on the hunt for a new durian variety to join the current 12 registered breeds of durian, to help cement the state as the biggest durian producer in the country and boost tourism.

Here's to hoping the P089 gets registered with the agriculture department's list of national crops, so durian lovers will have something new to look forward to. Fingers-crossed.

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