Kate Pang and Andie Chen open to the idea of having 4 kids

Kate Pang and Andie Chen open to the idea of having 4 kids

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Babies, they're a source of joy and sometimes they can be your worst nightmare too. 

Just earlier this year, actor Andie Chen said he didn't want to have baby number three because of the lack of sleep he's suffered for the past few years. He added that he's not a fan of poop but the lack of sleep gets him the most.

Fast forward to the end of the year — we caught up with celebrity couple Kate Pang, 36, and Andie Chen, 34, and found out that all that has changed.

Psst, Aden, 5, and Avery, 3, might just have a di di (younger brother) and mei mei (younger sister) to play with in the near future, should time and money allow.

Andie previously mentioned that mums deal with so much more when it comes to parenting, but now he's balancing the scales and caring for both kids without any sign of struggle, even when Kate was recently away for an overseas shoot. 


He shared: "I got quite good at taking care of the kids... I’m starting to enjoy it quite a bit.

"It’s not that hard anymore, it’s hard at the beginning when you’re trying to set the system. Now that the system is in, I’m rather proud of myself."

And a proud dad he is, especially when he told us that he has taught Aden to tell the time and how to stick to it so that they are now able to run on auto-pilot.

Earlier this year when Kate enrolled for an early childhood course and had to shuttle between Singapore and Taiwan while studying, she told us that she didn’t need to really worry when she was away because her husband can control the kids better.

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Now that Kate is back in Singapore and Andie is coping well with handling the kids by himself, it seems like the idea of having more kids is back on the cards for the 'Kandie' family.

Kate shared that her idea of a complete family is having four kids. If she could choose, she'd have one more boy to play with Aden and another girl to accompany Avery.

We were almost sure that Andie would be averse to the idea after being adamant about not having another baby previously, but he said: "I think we had an agreement before we turn 40 that if we’re financially stable then we’ll have two more, if not, we’ll just be happy with two."

Financial stability isn't the only thing that's holding them back on the baby plans, time is a huge factor too.

Kate explained: "The kids have to go to school, dance classes, drum classes, swimming lessons, and I already don’t have enough time to send them to these classes... If I have two more kids, I’m not sure how to allocate my time."

Andie also doesn't want to spread himself so thin that he cannot give Aden and Avery the attention they need; on the other hand, he still has a lot of things he'd like to do. 


"It’s always a struggle, I’m sure for all parents if they like kids they’ll always be thinking of having more." 

For now, they're both contented at this stage of their lives. 

Kate is using her recently acquired early childhood knowledge to be a better parent to their kids, while Andie wants to expose Aden and Avery to as many experiences and activities as possible to help them find out what they’re good at.


As for vying for Kate's care and attention, Andie says he's way past that and everything is quite nicely balanced now.

Kate also believes in the phrase, "happy parents, happy kids", and has learnt to be more sensitive to Andie's needs.

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