Kia reveals new all-electric Concept EV5

Kia reveals new all-electric Concept EV5

Just a week after unveiling the design of its all-electric EV9 SUV, Kia has now revealed the design of its new Concept EV5 at the Kia Chinese EV Day.

Designed to spearhead the firm's entry into the Chinese electric vehicle market, the Concept EV5 takes after the boxy and strong design of the EV9.

At the front, the Concept EV5 also sports vertical elements at either end that house its head lights as found on the EV9. A new Digital Tiger Face also now sits at the front of the Concept EV5, although here, its lower section lead into the lower corners of the car.

Darkened fenders, sculpted lines, and the use of a powerful stance, meanwhile, have all been employed at the sides to communicate a sense of strength.

The Kia Concept EV5 further enhances this image with the use of an Iceberg matte green finish, described by Kia as a rich and formidable hue found in nature.

In the cabin, the concept offers a flat floor, with an interior palette designed to instill calmness and purity. Use of contrasting materials are said to bring forth its 'Bold for Nature' design philosophy, while a large panoramic display sits on the dash for occupants to utilise.

As with the EV9, this Concept EV5 also utilises swiveling seats, so users can interact, or enjoy the scenery when parked or charging up. A full-length panoramic sunroof also doubles as a solar panel, offering charge while allowing occupants to admire the stars come nightime.

This cabin also makes use of a host of plant-based materials like seaweed extract alongside upcycled PET bottles. These materials upholster the seats, and appear on the doors, dashboard, and headliner, setting new standards of sustainability without the use of animal leather.

Kia states that the production version of the EV5 will hit the Chinese market later in 2023.

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