Limited edition Undone x Batman watch honours 1960s Batmobile and The Riddler

Limited edition Undone x Batman watch honours 1960s Batmobile and The Riddler
PHOTO: Undone

The heroics of Batman have long become a familiar, beloved tale in households, with his legacy spawning generations upon generations of fans.

Back in 2019, the character's 80-year milestone was celebrated with great fanfare by many different parties, and the grand occasion only continued to prove one thing: the powerful, lasting influence that the Caped Crusader has brought to the cultural landscape.

Undone, having already cooked up two timepiece collections in honour of the well-loved DC Comics icon, is certainly no stranger to his story.

Where its 80th Anniversary Collection showcased Batman's dual personality - Bruce Wayne by day, and the Dark Knight by night - the second collection, Batman Quantum, takes design inspiration from the superhero's formidable gadgetry.

Now, the family has been joined by a third member: the Dark Knight Retrospective.

PHOTO: Undone

The latest watch in the line-up is themed after the fight between good and evil, and will, in a first for Undone, feature hints of the 1960s Batmobile.

Its bulletproof windshield is represented by an ultra-resistant glass-domed canopy, with the red aluminium rings around the crown and glass fold serving as a nod to the vehicle's crimson pinstripes.

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PHOTO: Undone

The Detect-A-Scope, meanwhile, makes its presence known in the form of a see-through dial, which reveals and skeletal mechanical movement and a radar lume underneath.

Recreated to reflect the technology found on the Batmobile's dashboard, this feature has been cleverly adapted to fit into the context of a timepiece.

It wouldn't be a complete Batman experience without the presence of the dark, however.

When the lights are off, the watch dial will be taken over by numerous glowing question marks that point to the appearance of a longtime nemesis and shrewd supervillain, The Riddler.

PHOTO: Undone

As is the case with other Undone x Batman collections, the highly-collectable Dark Knight Retrospective is available only in limited pieces.

A total of 999 are up for grabs worldwide at the price of US$499 (S$537), and interested parties may make their purchase at the official storefront from Sept 14, 2021.

Remember, it's the fastest fingers first!

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