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Live Twice's menu gets a revamp with sultry additions and seasonal highlights

Live Twice's menu gets a revamp with sultry additions and seasonal highlights
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Blame its charming Japanese 60's ambiance, its jazzy James Bond music or potent cocktails, by now Jigger & Pony Group's bar Live Twice has become one of our frequent haunts. Not to mention, the sophisticated bar was also recently recognised as a Top 10 Honouree in the Best International Cocktail Bar (APAC) category at the 2023 Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards.

Keeping up its gig of pleasing loyal customers, Live twice has revamped its menu with a sultry touch this spring and summer. Besides the bar's iconic and potent drinks like the Vesper, Principal Bartender David Kim has expanded the signature minimalistic menu to cater to a wider range of tastes and preference.

The new three-fold menu features sections like 'One Life for Yourself'  featuring meticulous detailed classics and the Geisha-inspired '... And One for Your Dreams' that sports a fleet of playful, creative and innovative curations. There's also a new category spotlighting seasonal ingredients to keep things all the more interesting, unpredictable and thrilling.  Here's what to expect on your night out!

Pricing: Cocktails are priced between S$26 to S$28 per cocktail. Happy Hour cocktails are S$16 each. Prices are subject to service charge and GST.

Flourishing Youth (S$26++)

From the... And One for Your Dreams section, the tea-cocktail trend continues at Live Twice in Flourishing Youth 若榮. This highball-style tipple stirs in Roku gin, kayuki ume spirit, bi luo chun tea, and merlet apricot liqueur in a harmonious blend. The well-balanced pour is every matcha lovers dream with a cheeky dribble of earthy matcha oil. Expect a slight bitter aftertaste which  combats the otherwise fruity hints of the drink. Raise your glass to nature, new beginnings and youthful beauty with this sipper.

Primrose (S$28++)

For a drink that effortlessly encapsulates spring time, Primrose has got to be on your must-try list. A surprising standout amongst the four drinks we tried, this seasonal brew is a hits the nose with the scent of the first rain of spring (or petrichor) with woodsy and earthy hints of sage and dill liqueur, and sandalwood tincture.

The taste carries the musky hints with Macallan 12 yo sherry oak into the complex drink, whilst a dash of sweetness from the honey lemon water adds a layer of lightness to the body and palette.

Bamboo (S$26++)

For a redesigned classic, the Bamboo has been given a new twist at Live Twice. Made to be an introduction to the variation of the Martini cocktail, this is a much milder, yet promising version. Made to be more complex and sherry focused, the boozy sip marries palo santo infused grey goose vodka, lustau fino sherry,cocchi extra dry, and st. germain liqueur. Subtly complementing the cinematic woody interiors of the space, expect a woody and sweeter concoction that makes for the effortless aperitif.

Solaris (S$28++)

Another seasonal special, Solaris is by far one of our favourites of the night. This unassuming savoury drink captures the essence of Japanese summer through the bright and tart notes of tomato. The umami sipper mixes in monkey 47 gin, mhoba white rum, tomato cordial, and a tare distillate. Don't forget to bite into the miniature tomato garnish for a sweet and addictive surprise.

To accompany your boozy treats, indulge in the tender and crunchy sando goodness, including the crowd-favourite Tamago Sando (S$24) and Pork Katsu Sando (S$35). Alternatively the Mushroom Tempura & Kombu Salt (S$16) and Shishito Peppers with Bonito Aioli (S$14) are also ultra-addictive.

Live Twice is located at 18-20 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089834. Open Sun, Mon, Wed-Thu 6pm-12am, Fri-Sat: 6pm-2am. Closed on Tue. Happy Hour is available from 6pm-7.30pm daily.

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This article was first published in City Nomads.

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