Magical marriage: Singapore couple throws $100k Harry Potter-themed wedding

Magical marriage: Singapore couple throws $100k Harry Potter-themed wedding
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The final Harry Potter film was released over a decade ago but since then, there's been many opportunities for Potterheads to relive bits of their favourite childhood series.

Whether it's a play or spin-off series, the legacy lives on.

Alvin Ng, 31 and Angeline Tan, 30, wanted a more personalised experience so they decided to throw a Harry Potter-themed wedding.

Mind you, it wasn't cheap. Speaking to AsiaOne on Thursday (Dec 29), Angeline revealed that wedding costs mounted to "about $90,000 to $100,000 all in".

Last week, she shared a 38-second TikTok clip of the many decorations set up during her magical wedding ceremony.


"I did my waiting! 20 years of it!" the TikTok video's caption read.

The couple, who've been together for five years, told us that they actually held the wedding banquet last December at The St. Regis Singapore.

Angeline is the self-confessed Potterhead in the relationship and it was her who suggested the possibility of having a Harry Potter-themed wedding.

"My husband likes it [Harry Potter] reasonably enough but he's not crazy about it," the business owner added.

Despite that, he agreed to her idea. Now that's real love, isn't it?

In the video, it was evident this wasn't a regular themed wedding. The scale to which they executed it was to a tee.

From Hedwig, Harry Potter's beloved pet owl, resting in a cage to the Triwizard Tournament's golden dragon egg, the props on display must've had guests feeling like they were transported to Hogwarts altogether.

Angeline told us that the guests were surprised that the decor extended into the ballroom as they had expected it to end at the reception table.

Many told her that it felt like "walking into a Harry Potter museum".

Add in the fact that it was a December wedding celebration, there was a tinge of Christmas spirit which "made everything seem a lot more magical".

As for the piece de resistance, Angeline had little doubt that it was the custom-made Mirror of Erised stage centrepiece.


From the books and movies, we know that this magical mirror shows one's deepest desires.

In Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, the young wizard met his dead parents for the first time when he looked into the mirror.

And for those who are the happiest and most satisfied, the mirror would show a reflection of them as it is, given that there is nothing that they yearn.

"So the idea was that, on that night, we would look into the mirror and see ourselves as we are, as it is our happiest state," Angeline said.

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