Maximise space in a small kitchen with these 7 clever design tips

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1. Multifunctional and collapsible furniture

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Furnishings that pull double and even triple duty can save you money and space.

For instance, the island can be used as a workstation, dining table and storage unit. It can also house the sink or stove. Drop-leaf or gateleg tables and extendable counters can be easily folded away to free up the space.

2. Nifty storage systems

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Pre-built kitchen systems save you the hassle of designing your own.

A customisable and modular system like Hafele's Meister collection is designed with an advanced modular technology and pre-drilled fixtures for fuss-free assembly, so there's less hacking and construction work.

3. Think vertically

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Save precious floor space with cupboards and tall cabinets that extend to the ceiling, and utilise walls with floating shelves and racks.

Often-used items go on the lower shelves, and appliances you take out on occasion can go on higher ledges.

4. Swop some base cupboards for drawers

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It's way easier to pull out a drawer and see all its contents than it is to reach for crockery or condiments at the back of a cabinet.

Increase storage space with wider pull-out drawers instead of multiple smaller ones.

5. Don't cut corners

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Don't let details like drawer dividers and storage compartments be an afterthought.

Pull-out larders, carousel cupboards and lazy susans help maximise hard-to-reach areas and dead space.

Available at Hafele.

6. Integrated kitchen-cum-dining areas

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If you don't have the luxury of space for a large standalone island as well as a dining table, combine them.

Similar hues and textures give a more cohesive look. Alternatively, separate the two with different colours, materials and heights.

7. Appliances that work in your space

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Sub-Zero's Built-in French Door Refrigerator is ideal for galley kitchens as only half of its double doors swing out.

Available at The House of Sub-Zero and Wolf.

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