McDonald's Japan launches its Adult Cream Pies, and the verdict is in

After the hoo-ha surrounding the launch of its “adult-themed” cups last year, McDonald's Japan is back with yet another controversial new offering.

The Golden Arches dropped its latest sweet treat on Wednesday (Jan 15) and at first glance, the name of the dessert looks like it ought to be slapped with an R21 rating. 

The name — Adult Cream Pies — conjures up imagery that probably doesn't have a place in any PG-13 publication.


What's more, its website has reportedly described it as a “cream pie that fills the hearts of adults”.

No need to get too frazzled, however. Turns out, “Otona no Kuriimu Pai” is its original name in Japanese, which translates more accurately to a confection that is suitable for refined adult palates, reported SoraNews24.

Accordingly, it is supposed to be less sweet and more sophisticated than other desserts released by the kid-friendly fast food chain so far. 

The moniker however, has evidently been lost in translation and brings the idea of food porn to a whole new level — in the English-speaking world at least. 

In case you’re wondering, first tastes of the flavours — Belgian Chocolate and Sweet Fromage (Cheese), have been mostly positive, but not before the Twitter-verse exploded in X-rated puns, of course.

The Sweet Fromage is said to taste like a cheesecake, while the Belgian Chocolate was described as “rich” and “silky” but not cloying, thanks to the reduced sugar content. 

We wonder if the greatly missed chocolate pies (sans "cream") that were released in Singapore in 2018 would taste similar to this. But it's safe to say that even if the Adult Cream Pie makes its way to our shores, its name will not.