McDonald's releasing Match Battle Pokemon trading card game from Sept 1

McDonald's releasing Match Battle Pokemon trading card game from Sept 1
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Always count on McDonald's to roll out the collaborations.

Despite having an ongoing Happy Meal promotion with Pokemon featuring toys originally only available in Japan, the stores in Singapore have something more up their sleeves.

From the branding on the stores, it would seem that the next Pokemon tie-up would feature the ever-popular trading card game.

Earlier in 2022, we had a similar tie-up happening to feature McDonald's happy meals and the Pokemon TCG: Match Battle. And it might be the same for Singapore.

If you're hoping to score big and expensive cards to flip, you might be out of luck, as these are not the same set of cards that were released to celebrate the 25th anniversary for Pokemon.

Within each pack, there are four cards with a guaranteed foil if the promo remains the same.

There are 15 different possible Pokemon to pull from each booster, including Growlithe, Gossifuer, Rowlet, and Pikachu. And naturally, the electric rat is the most popular of the lot with it going the highest on eBay.

Based on the exterior advertising, folks in Singapore would be getting:

  • An Eevee branded Pulut Hitam (black glutinous rice) Pie.
  • Two Frappe drinks featuring Pikachu and Scorbunny.
  • A Charizard pillow (or maybe it's just the packaging for the McPepper Burger, not made from LeChonk)

We checked in with the outlet and were told that the promotion starts from Sept 1, 2022 onwards.

Based on official info, here's the general gist of Trading Card Game with Match Battle to "find Pokemon friends like Pikachu, Rowlet, Gossifleur, and more, and send them into a match of coin flipping, spinning, and fun with numbers.

"The last Trainer with a Pokemon in play gets to claim victory."

Each battle box should come with:

  • Four-card booster (each booster pack contains one foil card)
  • One instruction sheet
  • One coin
  • One spinner
  • One card box

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If history plays itself out the same way, it could be profitable to have a meal at McDonald's if you're able to pull and flip a foil Pikachu successfully.

When a similar promotion ran last year for Pokemon's 25th anniversary it was promptly sold out. Bring on the scalpers!

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