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Meaningful ways you can help Ukraine right now

Meaningful ways you can help Ukraine right now
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Five days ago, the world woke to horror as Russia launched brutal airstrikes on its peaceful neighbour Ukraine – kicking off Europe’s biggest armed conflict since WWII. Hospitals and airports have been shelled, tanks have invaded Ukraine on three fronts, and thousands of Ukrainians have already been left homeless. It’s an attack on democracy that can only result in catastrophic human suffering.

If you’ve been following the news with horror, you’re probably wondering what you can do to help Ukraine’s people. While we might not be able to, say, impose sanctions on Russia, we can make our help count with donations to organisations and non-profits currently on the ground. Here’s where you can make a difference.

Army SOS

The numbers look grim for Ukraine. Russia has a massive army of nearly a million active military personnel, while Ukraine has less than a quarter of those troops. Russia has five times as many tanks, and a tenfold advantage in aircrafts compared to its smaller neighbour.

Yet like David against Goliath, Ukraine has proven its mettle in defending itself ferociously, thus far repelling heavy attack on its capital Kyiv. To support Ukraine’s army, citizens have set up Army SOS – an initiative raising funds to purchase essential ammunition, shields, combat uniforms, food, and more.

Support Army SOS here.

Ukrainian Red Cross

The Ukrainian chapter of the Red Cross has teams across the nation in the thick of the conflict, and they’ve raised an appeal for donations. All funds will go towards a range of essential services, from repairing infrastructure hit by airstrikes to securing medicine and equipment for hospitals.

Other lifesaving work that the Red Cross is doing includes organising blood donation drives to help casualties of conflict, as well as providing first-aid training to people taking refuge in bomb shelters.

Support the Ukrainian Red Cross here.

World Central Kitchen

Through his non-profit World Central Kitchen, Spanish-American chef José Andrés has dedicated himself to providing meals for communities and displaced peoples in the wake of humanitarian crises. Right now, his team is on the ground at the Ukraine-Poland border, helping to feed meals for thousands of Ukrainian refugees fleeing across the border.

They’ve also set up a kitchen in the heart of Ukraine’s war-torn city of Odessa, serving up fresh meals to residents and those defending the city. All donations will go toward supporting their food relief efforts.

Support World Central Kitchen here.


Based in the besieged region of eastern Ukraine, Unicef has worked there for the past eight years to help families threatened by ongoing conflict with pro-Russian separatists. Now, their work has become more important than ever as Russian president Putin orders troops into the Donbas region.

Support Unicef’s efforts to secure essentials for children and families in crisis, from safe water to healthcare, and emergency education supplies. Funds will also go towards providing psychosocial care for children suffering from trauma and separation from family.

Support Unicef here.

The Kyiv Independent

Given the war of misinformation that Russia has been waging to discredit the Ukrainian government, hard-hitting journalism on the ground is more crucial than ever. The Kyiv Independent is an English-language publication created by a team of former journalists from the Kyiv Post, who were allegedly fired for defending editorial independence.

You can support them in their fight to speak truth to power, as they put their lives on the line to bring what’s happening on the ground to the world.

Support The Kyiv Independent here.


One of the world’s largest and oldest humanitarian organisations, Care is stepping up its emergency response together with People In Need – a non-profit which has provided aid since the early days of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict in 2014.

Their Ukraine Crisis Fund aims to reach four million vulnerable women, families, and the elderly, fulfilling urgent needs such as food, water, hygiene kits and cash for daily essentials. With so many to help, every donation big or small matters.

Support CARE here.

Razom for Ukraine

A non-profit born from the fires of Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity in 2014, Razom champions Ukraine’s progress toward democracy – away from the stifling stranglehold of Russian influence.

Currently, they’ve established a safe corridor from the US to Ukraine via Poland, through which critical supplies can reach those in need within days. They’ve issued an urgent call for support to fund their emergency response, in order to purchase lifesaving medical supplies such as resuscitators, survival wrap packs, and combat gauzes.

Support Razom for Ukraine here.

This article was first published in City Nomads.

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