No longer codename Lotus Type 131: Lotus has a name for its next sports car

No longer codename Lotus Type 131: Lotus has a name for its next sports car
PHOTO: Facebook/Lotus Cars

Lotus has confirmed the 'Emira' name for its eagerly anticipated all new sports car.

Pronounced 'E-meer-a', the word features in numerous ancient languages and often translates as 'commander' or 'leader'.

Lotus states the name is highly appropriate as the exciting new sports car will lead Lotus on a journey to a thrilling new future.

The Emira will be unveiled on July 6, 2021, at Hethel, Norfolk - where the car will be built - and will make its public dynamic debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, happening on July 8 to 11.

Lotus has also confirmed that the car will not be a hybrid.

The Emira will be powered by a choice of internal combustion engines - the last time Lotus will launch an internal combustion engine car - with an exciting new powertrain partnership.

The additional powertrain option will be new to Lotus, highly efficient, use cutting edge technology and be tuned to help deliver that distinctive Lotus experience.

With a distinctive new sports car design influenced by the Lotus Evija hypercar, the Emira marks the acceleration of the brand's product-led offensive into a new era of contemporary design, highly efficient powertrains, and everyday usability coupled with explosive performance.

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