The philosophy behind Edra's stylishly comfortable furniture

The philosophy behind Edra's stylishly comfortable furniture
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Founded by Valerio and Monica Mazzei in 1987, Edra may have come a long way from its Tuscan roots, but it is still synonymous with comfort, beauty and quality.

Its name is derived from a Greek word meaning a place for philosophical discussion – an apt symbolism that manifests in the uniquely flexible, comfortable and contemporary seating options the company has produced over the years.

Today, fans in Singapore can view Edra products at Spazio Edra at Space Furniture’s showroom. We sit down with co-founder and vice-president Monica to find out more about the brand.

How has Edra evolved over the years?

We have charted a well-defined path based on clear principles that have us working towards maximum quality in terms of projects, products, materials and comfort. At the heart of all of this is a history of relationships with people and understanding them, whether they are collaborators, suppliers or customers.

Can you tell us more about the design process that goes into each piece?

Each always begins with a story. We listen to the authors, which is what we prefer to call designers, and they tell us the story and idea of a new project. Edra consistently does comprehensive research into each project. Every new product tells a unique story: a tale, a trip, a dream, a natural element.

We often design the yarn and define the perfect texture to ensure the performance of our products One of our signature styles is sumptuous, oversized seating in bold silhouettes.

How do you apply this when designing furniture for smaller spaces like apartments?

The sofas can indeed be huge. However, if you do not have that much space, some products in the Edra Collection can double as comfortable beds. Alternatively, you can pick armchairs or chaise longues. It’s possible to maintain comfort even when working with smaller spaces.

Edra has patented inventions such as Gellyfoam, an exceptional material that provides extraordinary comfort, and the Smart Cushion that allows infinite possibilities for individual preferences. Both are fundamental design elements in some pieces.

Were there any setbacks for the brand when 2020’s Milan Furniture Fair was cancelled?

The news of the cancellation came when we were in the middle of a lockdown. While waiting for everything to get going again, we developed projects and instruments to support our dealers and to showcase the high quality of our materials.

We also presented Edra Magazine – Our Point of View to share our story and the core principles that guide us with people. 

What do you think about the Spazio Edra at Space Furniture Singapore?

It truly highlights the characteristics and details of Edra products, thanks to the full-height mirrors. Visitors to the showroom can appreciate the high quality and characteristics of the collection, including the extraordinary comfort of the sofas.

Spazio Edra also effectively showcases the versatility of our products by placing them in both classical and modern settings. 

What design trends do you foresee for 2021?

I do not know. The objects that we live with should be chosen for their beauty, comfort and material quality instead of how they fit into fashionable trends.

They should look good in both a metropolitan loft and in a Renaissance palace. To demonstrate, we always photograph our products in different spaces because the universality of usefulness is a core value for Edra. 

How do you think furniture will evolve in a post-pandemic era?

There will be more well- designed objects and soft shapes that are restful for both the eyes and soul. Now that the home is a central focus, I also think there will be more furniture pieces presented as unique, beautiful works of art.

What’s next for Edra?

We will continue our research in terms of comfort and materials, both from internal and external points of view, and look for new shapes to meet functional and spatial needs.

We will also be focusing on creating new domestic landscapes with products like the On the Rocks sofa and the Flower Collection. And, of course, we will continue to seek excellence in terms of performance, elegance and the finishing of the materials we use.

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