Pokemon-themed flights launch in Singapore - here's which seat you should get for the best experience

Pokemon-themed flights launch in Singapore - here's which seat you should get for the best experience
PHOTO: AsiaOne/Kimberly Anne Lim

Travelling can be a stressful experience. But with these new Pokemon-themed flights, the journey promises to be just as enjoyable as the destination.

The Pokemon plane, essentially a Scoot jet with custom-made livery and in-flight activities, is set to take off from Singapore for Japan on Sept 9, The Pokemon Company's (TPC) Corporate Officer Susumu Fukunaga announced today (Aug 30) at a press conference.

Fares start from $333 for a one-way trip to Tokyo and $231 for a one-way trip to Seoul. To book your tickets or check for updates on routes, you can visit Scoot's website here.

If you'd like a sneak peek before taking the plunge for your next holiday, we've got you covered.

We had the chance to step on board the 375-seater Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner to check it out ahead of its inaugural flight, and here is what you can expect.

Our first tip is to get to your gate with plenty of time to spare. This is pretty much the only time you'll get to admire the adorable livery in its full glory.

When you're walking along the passenger boarding bridge, remember to keep your eyes peeled. You might score a close-up look at the plane from the windows.

Inside, you'll be greeted with Pokemon-themed decor on the cabin compartments and seats.

Pikachu's calls can be heard during in-flight announcements, and passengers will get Pikachu-themed cups and serviettes. (We won't judge if you 'borrow' these for later).

That's not all. In-flight meals get the Pokemon treatment too. You can expect Japanese-inspired options such as Chicken Yakitori and Ginger Teriyaki Chicken, as well as snacks in themed packaging.

Pokemon enthusiasts can also get their hands on exclusive Scoot x Pokemon merchandise including tote bags, lanyards and reversible bucket hats online, or on board the flight.

Raring to book your flight at this point? We'd recommend springing for a window seat close to the wings.

If you're on the port side, you'll have a view of the Psyduck emblazoned on the engine. And if you're on the starboard side, Pichu will be your seat buddy for the flight.

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