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Red (lift) wedding? Couple pose for their photo shoot at viral red HDB block

Red (lift) wedding? Couple pose for their photo shoot at viral red HDB block

While planning for a wedding can be stressful, one of the fun aspects has to be the pre-wedding shoot.

From scenic spots like Henderson Waves to culturally rich locations like CHIJMES, Singapore has some pretty romantic backdrops for swoon-worthy photos.

But what about the viral red HDB lift that made headlines for its creep factor? Yes, we're talking about the now infamous block 640B of Tampines GreenVines.

On March 20, TLGraphy, a Singapore wedding photography studio, shared snaps of a photo shoot they did at Tampines GreenVine. 

They seem to be one of the first wedding shoots, if not the first, to be take place at the new HDB BTO block along Tampines Street 62. 

Shot at the common areas, which includes the much publicised red lift, the lucky couple declined to be identified when contacted.


While some thought the red tiles, ceiling and lights were a tad on the eerie side, it was enough for the authorities to repaint the ceiling white. 

But who would have thought, it would make a great spot for wedding shoots? 

Donning neutral tones of beige and white, the couple stood out against the striking red backdrop. 

Speaking to AsiaOne, the photographer Titus Lim walks us through his creative process behind the shoot. 

"Frankly speaking, I wanted to shoot at an unassuming and heart lander [sic] area that could still present the vibrant colours that often align with our brand style. The pop-up [sic] colours really seemed to fit the bill.

"It was a pre-wedding styled shoot. Basically it's an unpaid shoot where vendor[s] come together to express their creativity, so it was our idea," the founder of TLGraphy tells us.

A hotspot for photoshoots

This isn't the first time, photographers and content creators have made their way to this spot to take interesting pictures. 

Photographer and art director Jayden Tan shared his work on social media; creating a series of photos with a fashion slant

Dressed in white, digital content creator Kyla Tan also shared images of herself posing against the red backdrop. 


The red lift lobby seems to attract content creators in droves, but residents of the block aren't too bothered by the increased footfall as long as they "don't go upstairs".

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