Remember the pizzas on trees? Here's what's really happening

Remember the pizzas on trees? Here's what's really happening
PHOTO: Screenshot from Instagram/foodpanda

Strange things are afoot on our shores.

Remember the ‘news report’ about slices of pizza growing on trees? And the broadcast on it that was ‘interrupted’ by a technical glitch?


If the pink screen with a date — Jan 3 — and foodpanda’s logo has you scratching your head like these fellow curious netizens, then we’re here to solve the mystery.

Although there aren’t any real pizzas growing on trees (sorry pizza lovers), here’s some good news for panda lovers. 

Aside from the newly-christened Le Le, one more panda has arrived in Singapore!

The mysterious pink paw actually belongs to foodpanda’s adorable furry new ambassador, Pau-Pau, who made his debut on Jan 3. 


Pau-Pau is a pink-and-white panda from the pandaverse who speaks his very own language known as Pandanese. 

Speaking to AsiaOne through a translator, Pau-Pau introduced himself, and said he was thrilled to finally be in Singapore. 

“Hello, Pau-Pau here, coming to you from the pandaverse. You’ll be seeing a lot more of me soon. I can’t wait to go on more adventures! Don’t be a stranger and hit me up with your food recommenda… ooo piizzzza.” 

No prizes for guessing what Pau-Pau’s favourite food is. 

“We’re so excited that Pau-Pau is finally here in Singapore! We can’t wait for everyone to get to know him more over the next few months,” says Laura Kantor, Marketing Director of foodpanda Singapore. 

“With his cheeky and fun-loving personality, we are sure that he will fit right in, and will bring even more fun to the foodpanda experience. Stay tuned for his adventures in Singapore!” 

To celebrate Pau Pau's arrival on our shores, foodpanda is offering free delivery* with the code 'HELLOPAUPAU' from now till Jan 7 with a minimum order of $25!

Pizza, anyone?

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