Reusable masks, tote bags and figurines: Party merchandise spotted on GE2020 Nomination Day

There's no better way to show your political party pride than with well-designed merchandise. 

We spotted these party-branded items used by political candidates on Nomination Day, and have included where you can get them (if you even can). Otherwise, just ask them where they got their party swag when they are walking around your neighbourhood.

Reusable face masks

They looked to be the same but upon further inspection, it seemed that some People's Action Party (PAP) teams have their own customised white reusable mask.

PHOTO: Facebook/Yahoo SingaporePHOTO: The Straits Times

Party chief Lee Hsien Loong was spotted wearing an all-white mask with the PAP logo emblazoned on the side. This same design was seen on many a PAP candidate.

PHOTO: Twitter/VivienShiaoBT

We prefer the more subtle version that Teo Chee Hean and his teammates donned, with the party's red and blue stripes added on the side of a white reusable mask.

Given how some candidates were spotted wearing other types of mask, we'll venture a guess that these aren't official party merchandise, but if you see PAP candidates in your 'hood donning them, ask if they'll make them for sale.  

PHOTO: The Straits Times

Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) candidates also put on black reusable masks with the SDP logo on it. But as of writing, it's not available on their online store.


The chief compassion officer, Otica, of the People's Progress Party (PSP) may have stolen the hearts of many (check out his Instagram page) but we spotted something never seen before on Nomination Day — a Dr Tan Cheng Bock figurine decked out in PSP gear.

PHOTO: Twitter/SharanyaBT

For those who would much rather have a stuffed version of Otica the Otter, good news. PSP announced today that the party will be selling its caps, T-shirts, and the much-in-demand Otica plush toy. You'll need to head down to Marina Square Shopping Centre #02-3328 though.

 Tote bags

PHOTO: The Straits Times

While we've already seen Sylvia Lim share her love for the Workers' Party (WP) merchandise on Instagram, it's still nice to see her using the tote bag while she made her way to the nomination centre with the WP Aljunied team. If you want your own, it's available on their online store, along with other WP-branded items.

Also seen showing off a party tote was PSP's Wendy Low while she was on the campaign trail in the afternoon. Unfortunately, it's not part of the merchandise that PSP is currently retailing.

With eight more days of campaigning to go, we wonder what other new party-branded goods will pop up, and more importantly, whether we'll be able to get our hands on them.

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