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Serum for your vulva: Is it safe for use, and will it work?

Serum for your vulva: Is it safe for use, and will it work?

In the market for vaginal skincare products because you want the area around your nether parts to be, well, prettier?

One that made quite a splash in the world of intimate care last year was TWO L(I)PS DIAMOND, a vitamin C serum that's meant to "inhibit melanin production, improve skin elasticity and retain hydration to give you brighter, glowing skin" on your vulva (and on your face too, if you wish).

At $150 for 30ml, DIAMOND is clearly quite the luxury product. But is it safe for use, and will it work?

We ask a dermatologist and a doctor who specialises in women's health for their opinions.


First things first: it's completely normal for the skin at the groin and inner thighs to become dull.

"This area is subjected to friction daily and is prone to dermatitis and fungal skin infection, so it's not uncommon to develop darkening or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation," explains Dr Tay Liang Kiat, a dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon at Dermatology & Surgery Clinic.

But if the dullness bothers you and you want to brighten the appearance of the area, it's important to know what sort of repercussions, if any, there might be from using a product like that.

"In terms of safety, from a medical point of view, there are no obvious serious concerns or harm associated with using this vitamin C-based serum over the vulva area," says Dr Michelle Chia, the resident doctor at DTAP Clinic @ Bencoolen.

"However, the skin on that area tends to be more sensitive. While such serums may moisturise or soothe the skin after procedures such as IPL or waxing, it should only be used on people who are able to tolerate such products. Otherwise, there may be a chance of skin irritation or itch over the vulva."


It should be remembered that while vulva skincare is nice to have (if it doesn't irritate your skin!), it's not a must.

"In general, due to the extreme sensitivity of the genital skin, it isn't recommended that you apply products that may cause irritation or inflammation," says Dr Tay.

"The skin on your vulva is self-lubricating and does not need extra care from serums or creams."


According to Dr Chia, whether or not it works depends on several factors that can be hard to predict.

"The results from using a brightening serum for the vulva will vary. It depends on the user's skin type, as well as whether or not they use any other products or go any other procedures concurrently," she notes.

At the end of the day, whether or not you want to establish a skincare regime for your vulva boils down to personal preference.

If it'll make you feel good about yourself, go right ahead.

Just remember to do a patch test before applying a product over the whole area.

And if you don't feeling like slapping on a brightening serum on your crotch? That's perfectly fine too.

This article was first published in CLEO Singapore

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