Sheila Sim says she has a 'bird park' at home thanks to her baby girl

PHOTO: Instagram/sheila_sim

Parents mainly use baby monitors to keep an eye on their kids and to ensure their safety. However, the devices often end up serving the unintended purpose of capturing the most bizarre and wackiest things on camera. 

Open Reddit and you will find parents sharing the weirdest things they have recorded using the baby monitor. Only this time it is actress Sheila Sim who shared her latest capture on the baby monitor. 

Sheila Sim has a 'bird park' at home

The Singaporean actress shared an Instagram Story that read: "I have got a bird park in my house."

PHOTO: Instagram/sheila_sim

The baby monitored captured the video of baby Layla's crib, where she can be seen tossing around. It is only after you listen to the clip carefully, you will come to know the reason behind the strange caption.

The baby is heard making some funny noises they sound similar to birds chirping, hence the caption.

Most parents will agree that it is fun to sit down and decode their baby's funny and cute sounds. And yes, although your baby doesn't talk, they do have a language of their own.

This is exactly what we hear in Sheila Sim's Instagram Story. She shared another image, which she captioned, "It gets more dramatic if not her name is not Layla Woo." 

So, while Sheila is having a good laugh looking at her baby monitor, the device does have several other uses. And we couldn't recommend it more to new parents who can and would like to get their hands on one. 

3 main baby monitor uses you can't ignore

All new parents would know how difficult it is to adjust when you have a newborn in the house. It can be quite stressful to be at the beck and call of the little one.

Whether you're working from home, attending chores or trying to catch some sleep, a baby monitor is really useful when you’re away from your child.

Here's how a good baby monitor can come to your rescue:

You can take a good nap and relax

PHOTO: Pexels

When you move your kid to their own room, a baby monitor allows you to keep a check on their movement. This is especially useful for new parents who may feel too terrified to leave their baby alone to do anything else, even shower or nap.  

No need to wake your baby up

Every new parent experiences the rush of checking up on their infants, even if they make the slightest of sounds or movements. A baby monitor then is quite useful for all anxious first-time parents. It gives you the peace of mind that your baby is perfectly fine and is sleeping peacefully. 

Best for two-way communication

This depends on the type of baby monitor that you have invested in. If your device has this feature, you will be able to sing lullabies and even soothe them from the other room. Not only are you able to hear your baby, you can also talk to them.

There are several baby monitors to choose from in Singapore. This includes models such as Lollipop's smart Wi-Fi camera, Motorola's baby monitor or Philips' Avent Dect, among others. 

The price of baby monitors usually ranges anywhere between $89 and $250, depending on the brand and the features you choose. So select the one that not only fits your budget but also your requirements and enjoy your baby's sweet sounds and movement milestones. 

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This article was first published in theAsianparent.