Singapore's Changi Airport ranks 5th most luxurious airport in the world, behind Paris and London

Singapore's Changi Airport ranks 5th most luxurious airport in the world, behind Paris and London
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Singapore's Changi Airport was crowned the world's best airport at the 2023 World Airport Awards.

The airport was also named best in Asia, best in the world for leisure amenities and best in the world for airport dining.

However, one title it will not be flaunting is the world's most luxurious airport.

A study by UK insurance agency AllClear Travel Insurance sought to find airports that offer travellers the utmost comfort and luxury before they take to the skies.

The report ranked Changi Airport joint-fifth alongside Sydney International Airport, with a 'luxury' score of 61 out of 100.

Dubai International Airport came out on top (scoring 82 out of 100), with London Heathrow Airport (73 out of 100) and Hamad International Airport (66 out of 100) completing the top three. 


More than 1,800 airports around the world were analysed before 69 of them were shortlisted.

A prerequisite to enter the shortlist is that the airport had to have a minimum of 10 passenger lounges.

These airports were then scored based on these factors: number of designer stores, vicinity to four- and five-star hotels, lounges available to passengers and ease of finding a champagne bar or caviar house. 

AllClear Travel Insurance stated that scores were given "using a weighted formula" to provide an overall 'luxury' score out of 100.

When it comes to the presence of designer stores, Changi Airport only trails behind Sydney International Airport.

Where Changi Airport loses out is its vicinity to luxury hotels, scoring a measly three in the report. 

For context, top-ranked Dubai International Airport received a score of 30.

Understandably, being situated in the far east of the island, Changi Airport doesn't offer as many options for travellers looking for luxury accommodations in the immediate vicinity.

If you're thinking five-star hotels, you're more likely to find them in the central area, which means a 30-minute drive from the airport.

Still, ranking fifth in the world isn't too shabby.

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