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Spot the difference: Hong Kong chef's tattered tee resembles $1,500 Balenciaga top, says netizen

Spot the difference: Hong Kong chef's tattered tee resembles $1,500 Balenciaga top, says netizen
The chef's tattered white shirt (left) versus Balenciaga's oversized tee.
PHOTO: Facebook/安東尼, Balenciaga

Most chefs would like to be recognised for their delicious food. 

But for one particular chef in Hong Kong, however, it was his sense of fashion that stole the show. 

In a Facebook group loosely translated as Hong Kong Teahouse and Delicious Food Focus Team, where users discuss food recommendations in Hong Kong, one netizen shared an image of the man's interesting choice of attire. 

In the photo, posted on April 19, the chef is seen chopping meat while donning a white, tattered and torn t-shirt which had two gaping holes at the shoulders, with his back almost completely exposed.

The netizen enquired incredulously: "I want to ask the chef if he really wears this outfit usually."

Apart from that, the netizen also shared images of the chef's menu items such as sandwiches, pork chops and noodles. 

At first glance, it does seem like the chef is in dire need of a fresh wardrobe.

But one humorous netizen pointed out how the man's outfit resembles a pricey piece of apparel from Balenciaga. 

Similar to the chef's attire, the oversized white tees sports large holes and appeared nearly ripped to shreds at the back.

While the item is no longer listed on the luxury brand's website, it can be found in online store FWRD listed at a steep price of $1,460.55. 


Wrote a commenter in English: "Same concept but different presentation."

Another netizen indicated that the holes in the chef's t-shirt could have a practical use by helping with "heat dissipation", while one said that the shirt looked like it had been worn "the wrong way around". 

This isn't the first time a seemingly everyday item has been likened to a product from Balenciaga. 

Last year, for their Spring 24 Collection, Balenciaga launched a towel skirt which cost a whopping $1,250. 

Netizens had a field day in the comments section, and one even requested that the luxury brand make a matching hair towel.

Jumping onto the bandwagon was Swedish furniture brand Ikea, which took to Instagram to showcase its Vinarn bath towel, which was renamed the Vinarn "towel skirt". 

A model also flaunted the affordable substitute — at the wallet-friendly price of £16 (S$26.80) — in a parody of Balenciaga's original product image.

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