A taste of Venice? This Bangkok cafe allows you to kayak before enjoying your latte

A taste of Venice? This Bangkok cafe allows you to kayak before enjoying your latte
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Venice is famous for its gondola boat ride down the city's famous canals, but it cost an arm and a leg just to fly there.

Now you can enjoy the same experience a little closer to Singapore, right here in Southeast Asia.

Situated a short distance away from Bangkok city, After the Rain Coffee & Gallery is a cafe and art gallery located in the Sam Phran District.

Heading up the steps to the cafe, it feels like one is almost entering a secret garden of some sort.


Nestled in lush greenery, the cafe's unique selling point is that customers are entitled to free boat trips down the canals within the establishment's compound.

Picture pedalling down rows after rows of coconut trees swaying gently in the breeze along a calm and peaceful stream sounds just like the perfect tonic to revitalise your senses while on vacation.


It is simply the escape from the city that you've been craving for and something that you wouldn't get from the gondola ride in Italy.

However, if you are feeling lazy, you can skip all that pedalling and relax by the water and feed the beautiful colourful fishes that live in the water channels.

There is also a Bali-esque swing on the cafe grounds that offers a scenic view of the surrounding nature. Minus the jaw-dropping heights of the Bali version.


But it's a cafe right, so what about the food and drinks?

Rest assured that they are just as Instagram-worthy as the cafe's surroundings.

On the food menu, there are both savoury and sweet treats as you sit along the waterline to dine.

Popular dishes include their mee kum kung noodles (blue pea vermicelli) which comes with either shrimp or pork, as well as Thai tea toast and fresh milk cake.


On the drinks front, their latte seems to be the winner among the crowd for those in need of a caffeine fix.

But those who are after something cold, the mango shake is unquestionably the go-to thirst quencher in the sweltering Thai heat.


On Tripadvisor, After the Rain Coffee & Gallery is given a four out of five rating by their patrons. 

One reviewer called it a "cool place to visit" and another described the desserts as "amazing".

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