From Thailand to your home: Golden Mile Complex's Thai supermarket now sells Thai snacks and beverages online

From Thailand to your home: Golden Mile Complex's Thai supermarket now sells Thai snacks and beverages online
Loh Yuen Seng, 56, is one of five brothers who set up the company that runs Thai Supermarket.
PHOTO: The Straits Times, Facebook/Thai Supermarket - Golden Mile Complex

With the possibility of travelling looking rather bleak, the next best alternative would be to try to recreate our favourite overseas experiences right here in Singapore. 

And for those who miss shopping and eating in Thailand, if you are in the know, you would head to Golden Mile Complex. 

While you'll find Thai clubs, shops and restaurants in the complex, the one place not to be missed is the Thai supermarket on the second floor. It offers a wide array of items from convenience food to cooking essentials such as their fish sauce, snacks and even beauty products - everything that you would need to cook authentic Thai cuisine here in Singapore.

For those who find the location of the supermarket a bit too far, yet have things that you want to get from them, you won't need to travel all the way there any longer.

You can now shop for your favourite Thai brands and snacks at any time of the day from the comfort of your home with a simple click of a button. 


Thai supermarket is run by Yen Investments and 56-year-old Loh Yuen Seng is one of the five brothers who founded the firm. Speaking to The Straits Times, he said that going digital was an inevitable step for the supermarket. 

"We have to move with the times. We have to go digital and we need to target younger shoppers. If you live in Sengkang or Jurong, it might not be convenient for you to come to Golden Mile. Now, you can buy online."

For now, the online store does not stock fresh produce, and instead offers snacks, instant noodles and beverages but they are working on increasing their inventory. 

The store's online presence was set up by Loh's daughters Loh Wan Ting, 24 and Loh Wan Jing, 28 and his niece Vanida Loh, 27, and it deliberately curated with a wider range of goods, one that the supermarket hopes will appeal to a younger demographic.

"Our agent in Thailand sends us samples, and we track Thai media and influencers, and look at what products we can source. We're learning as we go along," shares Vanida Loh.

To kickstart the launch of the new online store, Thai Supermarket is offering a new limited edition snack box, 555 snack box. 

For $29.90, you will receive 10 different Thai snacks such as the highly sought after Lay's potato chip collaborations with KFC and Pizza Hut, as well as exclusive tidbits that can only be found online and won't be sold separately. 

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The box also comes with a Golden Mile Complex food map and an "air ticket" that you can use to enjoy food promotions from one of six Thai restaurants that are partnering Thai Supermarket.

You can also get free delivery with a minimum spend of $25 (usually $100) when you checkout with the code 'FREEDELIVERY' from now till Dec 20. 

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