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Thank you, next: Indonesian woman breaks up with boyfriend after his mum told her to wash dishes

Thank you, next: Indonesian woman breaks up with boyfriend after his mum told her to wash dishes
PHOTO: Screengrabs/TikTok/Belladeasy

Finding a life partner goes deeper than simply love between two individuals. For some, other parties also play a crucial role.

An Indonesian woman was so aghast at a request from her boyfriend's mother that she pulled the plug on the relationship entirely.

What's the request, you might ask. She was told to clean the dishes after dinner.

On Nov 25, TikTok user Belladeasy shared a 148-second clip of what happened that fateful night at her now ex-boyfriend's place.


Seated in a vehicle, the woman recounted when her ex-boyfriend's mum spoke to her about doing the dishes.

After dinner, she'd expected the the older woman to simply tell her to "leave the plates [on the table]" but instead, Belladeasy was told to wash all the dishes.

She did not take too kindly to that request. 

To add to that, prior to sitting down for dinner, she'd already been helping out in the kitchen after an earlier inquisition from the potential mother-in-law about her cooking skills.

This meet-the-parents session seemed like a rather labour-intensive one.

So it came as little surprise that Belladeasy took swift action regarding her relationship. Not long after, she cut ties with her boyfriend as she "could picture what it'd be like being [the older woman's] daughter-in-law".

"Oh my god, I'm so grateful," she said.

In the comments section, netizens chipped in with varied reactions.

"We can't choose our parents but we can choose our parents-in-law," one netizen said, seemingly in agreement with Belladeasy's decision.

Others claimed that there was no real need for the woman to take such drastic actions.

"Laugh now. Cry later," a TikTok user said. 

"Last time, I just do what my mother-in-law asked of me... there was no problem at all," another mentioned.

In Singapore, a YouGov survey conducted in March 2022 found out more about how Singapore residents think about dating, and more specifically relationship milestones.

While we don't know how long Belladeasy and her ex-partner waited for the first meet-up with a parent, what the survey showed is that 22 per cent of Singapore residents would wait at least a year before meeting each other's family.

As for getting married, the highest proportion of Singapore residents (22 per cent) would want to be together for two years first before making that life commitment.

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