Threeppy: Daiso's new $5.80 shop in Funan mall looks set to give Miniso a run for its money

A Threeppy store in Japan.
PHOTO: Instagram/Threeppy_official

Singapore shoppers will have yet another playground to hunt for the best deals. Trippy. We mean, Threeppy.  

Known as the 'premium' version of Daiso, the outlet is slated to open July 14 at the newly revamped Funan mall.

When it does, it'll be a bargain hunter's paradise with a flat pricing of $5.80 "on most items". 

Threeppy's first outlet in Singapore and Southeast Asia will offer kitchenware, household goods, and stuffed toys, among other items.

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It even has a cute tagline, "300 and happy", hence, Threeppy. We're guessing it alludes to how in Japan, Threeppy sells items priced at 300yen each, which is less than $4. 

The brand is hoping to attract family shoppers in Singapore, according to NNA Business News report, with women in their 20s to 40s as their main target group.

Daiso currently has 22 Threeppy shops in Japan and plans to add 30 stores every year.

We personally have not stepped into a Threeppy store in Japan, but from the products captured on its official Instagram account, it reminds us of an even more wallet-friendly Miniso, or even Don Don Donki.

It stocks adorable items for children and ladies:

And things that may interest the men as well: 

This $5.80 bed for your pet would be considered a steal:

Whether Threeppy will offer better value remains to be seen, but we'll let you know if we do stumble upon any finds.

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