'Took my very first shot': Influencer Miki Rai pops her clubbing cherry at Marquee with bestie DJ Sonia Chew

PHOTO: Mikirai/TikTok

Clubbing is a rite of passage for every 18-year-old in Singapore. Who can forget their first drink, first drunk experience and the inevitable first hangover? 

For US influencer Miki Rai, however, her first taste of clubbing only came recently in Singapore.

On March 29, Miki shared a 29-second clip on TikTok talking about her maiden clubbing experience ever.

Yes, I'm 26 and I've never clubbed," she confessed candidly. 


Well if you're going to pop your clubbing cherry for the first time, you'll want to go big or go home. 

So that's what the 26-year-old nurse did by opting to hit up the biggest nightclub in town Marquee, which she shared was on her "life-long bucket list". 

Obviously, she couldn't celebrate such a momentous occasion all by her lonesome self right? That's what her #girlsquad is for.

Miki, who is in Singapore for The Influencer Marketing Conference 2023, seemed to have found a bestie in local celebrity Sonia Chew as the DJ/actress appeared in her TikTok video a few days back.


Accompanied by Sonia, together with another girl friend and her husband Kevin, Miki managed to snag a table at the prestigious nightspot before having a blast. 

It's safe to say Marquee rolled out the red carpet treatment for her with a shoutout on its dynamic banner that said, "Welcome to Marquee Singapore Miki Rai."

The dance floor was lit that night, and even had a Pikachu mascot showing off its best dance moves.

"Kevin loves Pokemon GO so this was super fun," she said. 

She also went down the famous slide and the highlight of the night has to be that she had her first shot. 

A trip of many firsts

Her night at Marquee might have been her virgin clubbing experience, but in another TikTok video, she shared a couple of other first-time experiences during her trip here. 

Captioned "Crazy firsts from the last 24 hours", she thanked her fans for showing up for her first-ever meet-and-greet in Singapore. 

She also went to her very first Barry's class. For the uninitiated, it's a boot camp of sorts where you will break a sweat through high-intensity interval workouts. 

Lastly, she then recapped her first club experience at Marquee.

"If you saw my Instagram stories, it was pretty crazy," she shared.


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