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The ultimate list of executive condos in Singapore: Here's where to find all 76 of them

The ultimate list of executive condos in Singapore: Here's where to find all 76 of them
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With new launches currently averaging over $2,000 psf, even HDB upgraders may find themselves priced out. This is where the Executive Condominium (EC) may come in handy as a stepping stone.

For families that need three or four-bedder units, ECs may be one of the few (new) options where prices can still fall below $1.5 million. This is especially the case with resale ECs, where some real bargains might still be found. Here’s the full list of options currently on the market:

Projects Units $PSF (2023) Tenure Built Area
ALTURA 360 $1,474 99 yrs from 20/06/2022 Uncompleted Bukit Batok
COPEN GRAND 639 $1,336 99 yrs from 31/08/2021 Uncompleted Tengah
NORTH GAIA 616 $1,291 99 yrs from 15/02/2021 Uncompleted Yishun
OLA 548 $1,152 99 yrs from 14/12/2018 Uncompleted Sengkang
PARC CANBERRA 496 $1,101 99 yrs from 10/12/2018 Uncompleted Sembawang
PARC CENTRAL RESIDENCES 700 $1,174 99 yrs from 22/04/2019 Uncompleted Tampines
PARC GREENWICH 496 $1,227 99 yrs from 08/06/2020 Uncompleted Sengkang
PROVENCE RESIDENCE 413 $1,165 99 yrs from 08/01/2020 Uncompleted Sembawang
TENET 618 $1,381 99 yrs from 01/11/2021 Uncompleted Tampines
PIERMONT GRAND 820 $1,113 99 yrs from 04/06/2018 2023 Punggol
RIVERCOVE RESIDENCES 628 $981 99 yrs from 05/12/2016 2020 Sengkang
HUNDRED PALMS RESIDENCES 531 $852 99 yrs from 30/05/2016 2019 Hougang
INZ RESIDENCE 497 $800 99 yrs from 27/11/2015 2019 Choa Chu Kang
NORTHWAVE 358 $791 99 yrs from 25/05/2015 2019 Woodlands
PARC LIFE 628 $837 99 yrs from 13/10/2014 2018 Sembawang
SOL ACRES 1,327 $866 99 yrs from 02/06/2014 2018 Choa Chu Kang
THE CRITERION 505 $833 99 yrs from 25/08/2014 2018 Yishun
THE VISIONAIRE 632 $853 99 yrs from 09/01/2015 2018 Sembawang
TREASURE CREST 504 $753 99 yrs from 05/05/2015 2018 Sengkang
WANDERVALE 534 $813 99 yrs from 08/12/2014 2018 Choa Chu Kang
BELLEWATERS 651 $872 99 yrs from 28/08/2013 2017 Sengkang
BELLEWOODS 561 $823 99 yrs from 12/08/2013 2017 Woodlands
SIGNATURE AT YISHUN 525 $834 99 yrs from 25/08/2014 2017 Yishun
THE BROWNSTONE 638 $903 99 yrs from 28/04/2014 2017 Sembawang
THE TERRACE 747 $871 99 yrs from 30/10/2013 2017 Punggol
THE VALES 517 $883 99 yrs from 19/05/2014 2017 Sengkang
WESTWOOD RESIDENCES 480 $842 99 yrs from 14/04/2014 2017 Jurong West
CITYLIFE@TAMPINES 514 $860 99 yrs from 13/08/2012 2016 Tampines
ECOPOLITAN 512 $863 99 yrs from 04/12/2012 2016 Punggol
FORESTVILLE 653 $773 99 yrs from 06/08/2012 2016 Woodlands
LAKE LIFE 546 $904 99 yrs from 30/10/2013 2016 Jurong West
LUSH ACRES 380 $852 99 yrs from 13/02/2013 2016 Sengkang
SEA HORIZON 495 $841 99 yrs from 25/02/2013 2016 Pasir Ris
SKYPARK RESIDENCES 506 $845 99 yrs from 18/03/2013 2016 Sembawang
THE AMORE 378 $868 99 yrs from 30/10/2013 2016 Punggol
THE TOPIARY 700 $821 99 yrs from 03/07/2012 2016 Sengkang
TWIN FOUNTAINS 418 $788 99 yrs from 19/12/2012 2016 Woodlands
WATERBAY 383 $817 99 yrs from 02/07/2012 2016 Punggol
1 CANBERRA 665 $766 99 yrs from 30/01/2012 2015 Yishun
HERON BAY 394 $802 99 yrs from 04/06/2012 2015 Hougang
THE RAINFOREST 466 $808 99 yrs from 28/06/2011 2015 Choa Chu Kang
THE TAMPINES TRILLIANT 670 $872 99 yrs from 13/07/2011 2015 Tampines
TWIN WATERFALLS 728 $789 99 yrs from 05/10/2011 2015 Punggol
WATERWOODS 373 $856 99 yrs from 11/03/2013 2015 Punggol
ARC AT TAMPINES 574 $795 99 yrs from 22/02/2011 2014 Tampines
AUSTVILLE RESIDENCES 540 $779 99 yrs from 24/08/2010 2014 Sengkang
BELYSA 315 $741 99 yrs from 24/01/2011 2014 Pasir Ris
BLOSSOM RESIDENCES 602 $758 99 yrs from 02/03/2011 2014 Bukit Panjang
RIVERPARC RESIDENCE 504 $752 99 yrs from 27/12/2010 2014 Punggol
THE CANOPY 406 $703 99 yrs from 14/06/2010 2014 Yishun
WATERCOLOURS 416 $773 99 yrs from 10/01/2012 2014 Pasir Ris
ESPARINA RESIDENCES 573 $874 99 yrs from 02/06/2010 2013 Sengkang
PRIVE 680 $801 99 yrs from 14/09/2010 2013 Punggol
LA CASA 444 $618 99 yrs from 13/09/2004 2008 Woodlands
THE QUINTET 459 $540 99 yrs from 22/01/2003 2006 Choa Chu Kang
THE ESPARIS 274 $542 99 yrs from 21/01/2002 2005 Pasir Ris
WHITEWATER 397 $546 99 yrs from 23/07/2002 2005 Pasir Ris
NUOVO 297 $585 99 yrs from 02/05/2001 2004 Ang Mo Kio
PARK GREEN 368 $528 99 yrs from 17/08/2001 2004 Sengkang
BISHAN LOFT 384 $688 99 yrs from 13/12/2000 2003 Bishan
LILYDALE 318 $495 99 yrs from 12/09/2000 2003 Yishun
THE DEW 248 $530 99 yrs from 13/12/2000 2003 Bukit Batok
THE EDEN AT TAMPINES 430 $539 99 yrs from 12/09/2000 2003 Tampines
NORTHOAKS 720 $474 99 yrs from 16/12/1997 2000 Woodlands
SUMMERDALE 432 $465 99 yrs from 22/09/1997 2000 Jurong West
THE FLORAVALE 794 $463 99 yrs from 16/12/1997 2000 Jurong West
THE FLORIDA 496 $511 99 yrs from 16/12/1997 2000 Hougang
THE RIVERVALE 671 $522 99 yrs from 18/12/1997 2000 Sengkang
WOODSVALE 696 $460 99 yrs from 22/09/1997 2000 Woodlands
YEW MEI GREEN 712 $496 99 yrs from 01/12/1997 2000 Choa Chu Kang
CHESTERVALE 396 $490 99 yrs from 17/03/1997 1999 Bukit Panjang
EASTVALE 312 $506 99 yrs from 26/06/1996 1999 Pasir Ris
PINEVALE 322 $536 99 yrs from 31/01/1997 1999 Tampines
SIMEI GREEN CONDOMINIUM 602 $518 99 yrs from 14/11/1996 1999 Tampines
WESTMERE 286 $495 99 yrs from 26/06/1996 1999 Jurong East
WINDERMERE 395 $502 99 yrs from 03/03/1997 1999 Choa Chu Kang

1. Visionaire

The Visionaire's performance will be closely watched, as it has long been the subject of debate. Parc Canberra, The Brownstone, and The Visionaire are all ECs, and they're all within walking distance of each other.

This led to buyers, realtors, and other market watches arguing over whether there's too much competition, and whether "which comes first" would be a factor. (Let's not forget Provence Residence is another upcoming EC just across the road).

Of the three, the Visionaire is the second to reach MOP (The Brownstone reached MOP in 2022, while Parc Canberra only just reached TOP this year.) It will be interesting to see if The Brownstone ends up with a noticeable first-mover advantage, and how Visionaire performs as the "middle child" of the area. 

That aside, Visionaire is also one of the rare ECs that's close to an MRT station. It's roughly an eight-minute walk to Canberra MRT (NSL), and this station is next to Canberra Plaza. Canberra Plaza isn't exactly a full-fledged mall but it comes close; it's a "new generation" neighbourhood centre.

Think of a community centre, but more high-end (there's an A&W, an air-con food court, and other such amenities besides the usual childcare centre, clinic, library, etc.) This makes things convenient for Visionaire residents, even though they don't technically have a mall nearby.

Bus 167, from opposite Canberra Drive, also provides fast access to Bukit Canberra for Visionaire residents. This is a sports and community hub, with an 800-seat hawker centre.

Canberra seems to be a testing ground for these types of "multipurpose" neighbourhood facilities, where hawker centres, shops, recreational facilities, etc. are all coming under one roof. If it works out, it will be to the benefit of Visionaire, The Brownstone, and Parc Canberra.

2. Sol Acres

Located across the road from Keat Hong LRT, Sol Acres partially makes up for its distance to the MRT station. From here residents can get to Choa Chu Kang station (NSL), which is also next to Lot One. This is the largest heartland mall servicing Choa Chu Kang.

Teck Whye Shopping Centre, an HDB-run retail/food centre, is borderline walkable from here. It's about 12 minutes on foot, and apart from the coffee shop, we're told the small grocers here are among the cheapest in Singapore for fresh produce. 

The most distinct feature of Sol Acres is likely to be its size. This EC easily counts as a mega-development, with 1,327 units. The condo has a massive land area of over 350,000 sq ft, with accordingly lavish facilities (there are three swimming pools, and even a music plaza for performances and events.) It's not common to find ECs of this size; and while a bigger unit count means less privacy, it can also mean lower maintenance fees. 

Another point of appeal might be the proximity of ITE West: the institute is directly across the road from Sol Acres, and very convenient for students. 

3. The Criterion

The Criterion was the earliest arrival on the resale market for 2023, reaching MOP in February. This EC was marketed on the strength of its views, and as a project for nature lovers. 

For those in the know, this is usually a code for "ulu location," but it's not really so bad. There's a bus stop at the nearby Shaughnessy, for example, where service 117 can take you directly to Yishun MRT. In addition, crossing Yishun Street 41 will take you into an HDB enclave, where you can find coffee shops, convenience stores, and the usual heartland amenities. It's certainly not close enough to the nearest MRT station to walk daily (Khatib MRT), so if you need a more convenient connection this may not be right for you.

As a tradeoff for needing a bus connection, The Criterion gives you an excellent view: it's positioned to take advantage of Lower Seletar Reservoir, so you have both greenery and a waterfront view. The EC even has rooftop dining areas to take advantage of the scenery. 

(Mind you, the developer also included balconies to further emphasise the view; but we know some of our readers loathe balconies, so we won't outright call it a good thing.)

Another unplanned bonus is the proximity of The Wisteria, a mixed-use project with a mall component. There's an NTUC FairPrice located here, as well as some other eateries and enrichment schools. You can get here on foot quite quickly if you cut underneath the HDB blocks at Acacia Breeze.

If you want to be near a major mall or within a neighbourhood hub though, you should look somewhere else. 

4. Treasure Crest

Here, we have another situation similar to Visionaire above. Treasure Crest is between The Vales and Bellewaters, and Ola is also nearby. Treasure Crest comes hot on the heels of Vales and Bellewaters, reaching MOP in 2022. Ola will be the last of the batch to reach MOP, having just been completed this year. 

As with Visionaire, it’s always a matter of concern when ECs are packed so close. Unlike fully private condos, their main distinction — a lower price — is meaningless when the neighbours are just as affordable. A buyer’s pick will likely come down to unit layouts, and subjective preferences for the facilities. 

Treasure Crest is about a seven-minute walk to Cheng Lim LRT, from where you can get to Sengkang MRT (NEL). Compass One, next to the MRT station, is the largest heartland mall in the immediate area. The surrounding area also has a lot of heartland facilities, from childcare centres to coffee shops (just cross Anchorvale Street into the HDB enclave.)

One potential drawback — which also impacts neighbours like Ola — is the presence of Sengkang General Hospital. Some home buyers may worry about the noise from ambulance sirens, whereas others simply have taboos against it. 

We think it can provide a great place to find tenants, if you’re renting out! Hospitals tend to employ quite a lot of foreign staff.

5. Parc Life

Parc Life is almost within walking distance of Sembawang MRT (NSL), and a bit over 10 minutes. You can also take bus 962, close to this condo, to get to Sun Plaza; this is just next to the MRT. So overall, we'd say Parc Life is not as far from MRT access as many ECs.

The main selling point of this EC is in the name: it's next to a park (Canberra Park to be precise), and the landscaped areas of the condo blend seamlessly into the public park. That's… okay we guess? We don't know if the notion of connecting the EC's park to a public park is exciting to every homeowner. We recall some buyers commenting that the advantage of this isn't clear. Design-wise, it is innovative though. 

We'd say the advantage is actually across the park. The HDB enclave on the other side of Canberra Park has coffee shops, a supermarket, and is a truly great place to chill in the evenings; swing by and you'll see a lot of people gathering at the fringe of the park, to chat or people-watch. 

The nearby Sun Plaza, which has an NTUC FairPrice and a Guardian, can also provide most of the day-to-day amenities for residents. What's lacking is recreation and more heavy-duty retail, for which you may need to venture out of Sembawang. All in all, this is a pleasant EC in an idyllic spot; if there's any complaint it's just that this location can be a bit dull.

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This article was first published in Stackedhomes.

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