Vietnamese girl gains 10kg in 2 years, shows beautiful 'reverse' body transformation

The new year is fast approaching and some of you may have already started making a list of new year resolutions — let me guess, one of it includes losing weight.

But not for Trang Thi Thuy Nguyen, a Vietnamese live streamer whose weight-gain story recently resurfaced on the internet. 

From 2016 to 2018, Trang gained a total of 10kg in order to achieve her fitness goal. Weighing at only 39kg at the beginning of her transformation in 2016, she managed to up it to a healthy 49kg after two years and from her recent Instagram post it looks like she's still in shape. 

Gầy rùii 😳😳

Posted by Trang Thị Thuỳ Nguyễn on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Not conforming to beauty standards seen on the internet where girls are striving to lose or maintain their weight by going on fad diets, she did the exact opposite, which is to increase the number on the scale.

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Known as the 'reverse' body transformation, you gain weight by either building muscle or cutting back on rigid diets, which has led those who are on it to embrace body-positivity and even made them happier

Trang started hitting the gym regularly and detailed her fitness journey on her Facebook account. After three months, she was able to "squat 40kg, deadlift 40kg, hip thrust 40kg and leg (press) 120 kg". The results also showed from photos, with her abs starting to take shape. 

Sau 3 tháng thì mình squat đc 40kg , deadlift 40kg , hipthurst 40kg , leg press 120kg thì là khoẻ hay yếu 😥

Posted by Trang Thị Thuỳ Nguyễn on Thursday, July 21, 2016

Trang's Instagram posts show her posing with bubble tea drinks, seemingly not having to conform to a diet to maintain her current figure.

Her Instagram caption reads: "In life, fasting is not necessary. Fasting is hungry". 

Her transformation has received mostly positive feedback from her Instagram followers, with congratulatory messages and requests to reveal her secret.

Photo: Instagram/_trangthuy screengrab

But the drastic change has also baffled others, with one commenting that "this is impossible".

Photo: Instagram/_trangthuy screengrab

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