Viral Popeyes Chicken Sandwich will be available in Singapore Sept 16


It was the burger that sparked a "chicken sandwich war" between fast food outlets in the US last year.

And now, this "world famous" Popeyes chicken sandwich will finally be available in Singapore.

When it was launched in August, the chicken sandwich — or what we'll call a "chicken burger" in these parts — from the American fried chicken chain sold out in the States within two weeks. And it didn't return till two months later.

The mad rush for the burger even resulted in one fatality after a customer was stabbed for cutting a queue at a Popeyes outlet in Maryland.

Crazy stories on social media told of how burgers were sold on eBay for US$7,000, and news carried reports of how a customer pulled a gun on staff after being told the sandwiches were sold out.

It's no wonder some people shed tears on their first bite of the legendary burger. 

So what makes it so special? The chicken is said tobe marinated in a new buttermilk batter, and dragged in a special flour that makes the chicken extra crunchy. The brioche bun is also coated with same buttery topping used on their biscuits.

For the Singapore version, we hear the patty will be made from marinated chicken thigh instead of the breast, to cater to local taste buds.

The burger will also include pickles and a spicy cajun sauce. However, the burgers are only here for a limited time only from Sept 16 to Oct 14, with limited quantities available each day.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see if the burgers will trigger the same response here. And then there's also the other question — how will it compare to our local favourite, McSpicy?

After all, one popular US YouTuber has hailed it as the one sandwich "end all chicken sandwich wars".