'We are both pretty quirky': Couple pose with Haw Par Villa sculptures for their pre-wedding photoshoot

'We are both pretty quirky': Couple pose with Haw Par Villa sculptures for their pre-wedding photoshoot
Cheng Zheng Yang (left) and Bernice Lek (right) having some fun during their pre-wedding photoshoot.
PHOTO: Instagram/Tlgraphy

Pre-wedding photoshoots have become a customary part of the lead-up to the big day. 

For Cheng Zheng Yang and Bernice Lek, they were on the lookout for a location to match their eccentric nature and what they ended up with might scare some.

While most couples might veer toward lush greenery or beaches as their photoshoot backdrop, the 29-year-olds went unconventional and chose Haw Par Villa instead.

At the cultural theme park, visitors to Haw Par Villa are brought on a journey into Chinese folklore and mythology, with mentions of the afterlife sprinkled in for good measure.

Not exactly a vibe that screams lifelong love or a pre-wedding photoshoot.

But the pair had their reasons for picking Haw Par Villa, Zheng Yang told AsiaOne.


"We are both pretty quirky people and knew that we wanted a pre-wedding photoshoot that could reflect our personality," Zheng Yang said.

Being "history buffs", the couple was keen to "photoshop [their] faces into key Singapore historical events".

They eventually settled on Haw Par Villa as it was a popular recreational spot for Singaporeans back in the day.

To tie in with the concept, Zheng Yang suited up while Bernice had a red cheongsam on.

Besides wanting to re-create the vibes of early Singapore, the couple told AsiaOne that they had a soft spot for Haw Par Villa as they once had a date there.

Oh, hell no

Throughout the photoshoot, the couple "had a blast imitating the sculptures and scenes".

However, there was still one specific area of the park in which Zheng Yang and Bernice did not have any photos taken — Hell's Museum.

Haw Par Villa's infamous 10 Courts of Hell is housed in Hell's Museum and it provides a graphic and detailed look into what awaits the souls of sinners in the afterlife.

From being pounded by a stone mallet to having one's tongue pulled out, 10 Courts of Hell is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

"While we are not particularly superstitious, we did not shoot at the Hell’s Museum as we did not think it would sit well with our family," the couple said.

They added that while they "like to push some boundaries", having a pre-wedding photoshoot inside Hell's Museum might be taking it a step too far.

The photoshoot was an overall success

The sculptures located around the park provided the couple with opportunities to mimic their poses and the experience felt "a bit like hide-and-seek", Zheng Yang said.

He added that the weather wasn't great but that did not dampen the mood one bit.

It had been raining the entire day but it stopped just as the photoshoot was about to begin. 

Their photographer, Titus Lim, told AsiaOne that this was the first time he had conducted a pre-wedding photoshoot at Haw Par Villa.

Despite the new environment, the end product impressed the couple and it exceeded their expectations, said Zheng Yang

"We got our retro-looking shots, our sculpture imitation shots, and lots of laughter and fun that is now immortalised."

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