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'We are legally husband and wife!' Simonboy officially ties the knot with partner Simongirl

'We are legally husband and wife!' Simonboy officially ties the knot with partner Simongirl
PHOTO: Instagram/Simonboyyyyyyy

After being engaged for a few months, Simon Kung, who is better known as Simonboy, is a happily married man. 

In an Instagram post on Sunday (July 7), the local influencer announced that he and his partner, Chloe Eong—who also calls herself Simongirl—had officially tied the knot. 

They signed their solemnisation certificate on the same day. 

"Such a great day to announce this! We are legally husband and wife now!" he said. 

Simon shared that the couple had done their solemnisation with their pastor, Don Wong, at The New Charis Mission.

The New Charis Mission is a non-profit charitable organisation that's a halfway house for former drug addicts and ex-offenders. 

"This is a very special place to me because I went in with a broken soul and all I had was God and the spiritual family here," Simon wrote. 

"And today, God has fully restored me and blessed me with a wonderful wife." 

Simon also thanked his mentors Robin Tay and Kelyn Tay, as well as his "brothers and sisters" that he spent his time with from 2019 to 2021. 

"We are really very grateful to have all of them helping us to set up and arrange everything for us.

"There is nowhere that we can find such love other than through God’s love," Simon said gratefully. 

He added that their wedding banquet will be held on July 19.


Speaking to AsiaOne, Simon shared that for the solemnisation, he and his wife did not have to prepare much as their mentor from The New Charis Mission wanted the couple to be "comfortable and at ease" for their important day. 

So, the folks at The New Charis Mission brothers helped them arrange everything. 

"And the best thing that touched me is our pastor Pastor Don is our solemniser, which made everything more memorable for me," said Simon.

Simon also showed his appreciation to his family at The New Charis Mission. 

"I really owe everything to The New Charis Mission because I really had nothing when I was there but all of them love me like a brother."

"Going back there to hold my solemnisation brings back a lot of memories. I also got to encourage a lot of the brothers who might be going through a tough time or phase this season," he said. 

As for the date, Simon explained that July 7 was a significant one because of the number seven. 

"Seven means completion and perfection in biblical meaning. We set the date as 7/7 because it's double completion and perfection. 

"And the most amazing thing is it falls on a Sunday, which is another seven!"

However, for their banquet, he said that there was no special significance to it. 

"It's just a day that we find more convenient for our family and friends to attend because it's on a Friday. So, maybe after their work, they can come down and celebrate our big day." 

No sex until 'legit' marriage 

Sharing his thoughts on marriage, Simon shared: "I think being married is about prioritising the other party before a lot of things. And marriage compared to a relationship is definitely different.

You've got to live as one and make considerations by putting your spouse before yourself." 

He and his new wife, Chloe, are also currently not staying together and plan on only doing so after the banquet. 

"The difference between our solemnisation and our banquet is that the solemnisation is marrying legally. But at our banquet, my pastor will hold the holy matrimony for us to make it a 'legit' marriage for us.

"So, right now, Simongirl is still not staying with me until we have our holy matrimony on July 19. And I can't wait for it! I want a Simonbaby! 

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