Valentine's Day date: 'It's getting a bit hot here!'

It’s Valentine’s day and our salty single colleague Le En didn’t have any plans, so we helped to fix that. She has no idea who she was going to meet nor what she’s going to do! Watch to find out who her mystery date is, and to see if any sparks flew between both of them! Who knows, maybe our single lady wouldn’t be so single anymore after this! #Valetinesday #Blinddate #Love

Posted by AsiaOne on Thursday, 13 February 2020

We 'sabo' Le En with a blind date for Valentine's Day, and things get hot!

Since it's the season of love, we thought it would be a great idea to sabo surprise our colleague Le En by sending her on a romantic blind date.

Of course, she didn't have a clue who it was right till the very last moment.

On her criteria for a partner, Le En boldly declared: "I'm not going to lie, looks are pretty important to me," before clarifying, "I just need him to be pleasant-looking. But I really value humour above all else."

Thankfully, (we think) our choice for her blind date fit the bill.

Who's the guy? Will sparks fly? Or will Le En desert her date? Watch the video to find out!

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