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We tried McDonald's Chicken McCrispy and it's so good that we're buying a bucket home for dinner

We tried McDonald's Chicken McCrispy and it's so good that we're buying a bucket home for dinner
PHOTO: AsiaOne/ Jay Jay Lin

When we first heard that Chicken McCrispy was once again available in McDonald's in Singapore, we had more than just a couple of excited folk in the office, namely those of us who can still remember munching on it while we were growing up. 

And when we talk about McCrispy, we have to mention the mascots, who were aptly named for the process that McDonald's says their chicken is cooked: Flash Fry and Steam Marinate. 

This is also what made McCrispy unique. AsiaOne team members recall steam emanating from the chicken when you pulled it apart though the skin remained perfectly crisp.

For those who haven't tried it or cannot recall what it tastes like, the general consensus is that none of the chicken offerings that McDonald's has on its current menu — be it McWings, McSpicy or McChicken — can measure up. 

So how does the 2020 rendition of McCrispy fare?

For one, the packaging is less flashy and more generic, in line with the general branding that McDonald's has taken in the past couple of years. 

For $6 ala carte, you get two pieces of chicken (ours was a drumstick and thigh). And no, there wasn't any steam that came out as we bit into our chicken, though this could be because we opted to get takeaway. 

For those have tried the OG version, this didn't quite measure up, though it has been a while since any of us had the original one. That said, it's still pretty good chicken as the meat is nice and juicy. For optimal taste, ensure that every bite has both crispy skin and juicy meat. 

As for our colleagues who have never had McCrispy before, everyone was in agreement that this tasted really good, with a couple asking immediately where they could buy it from. "Better than McWings," one young colleague quipped.

Where to go for Chicken McCrispy

Currently, Chicken McCrispy can only be found at selected stores for a limited time, based on McDonald's answers to queries on its Facebook page

The current list of stores you can get it at are Parkway Parade, Northpoint City, Serangoon Ave 3, Bedok Mall, Geylang East Central, Regal, Keat Hong, TradeHub 21, Hougang Mall, Parkway Parade and Boat Quay. 

When asked by AsiaOne about the reasons behind the reappearance of Chicken McCrispy on the McDonald's Singapore menu, a spokesperson for McDonald's said, "We’re always exploring new and delicious ways to excite our customers, and this is one of those limited-period store trials that enable us to gather valuable customer feedback."

If you're one of those who have been hoping that this McCrispy reappearance will become permanent, let McDonald's know as they will "consider bringing this back and possibly islandwide based on customer feedback".

For now, our colleague has instead decided to strike while the iron's hot and the chicken is still around — he'll be buying home a bucket of six ($16.90) for dinner. 

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