'We've always been the prankster parents': Naomi Neo responds to child abuse claims

Naomi Neo (right) responds to critics claiming she's abusing her four-year-old son, Kyzo.
PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/The Daily Ketchup Podcast

TikTok clips of Naomi Neo's son, Kyzo, reacting to his mum's pranks are a shoo-in for views.

More often than not, all this attention is riddled with controversy.

On Nov 10, the 26-year-old popped up as a guest on The Daily Ketchup Podcast to address claims of child abuse.

Many in the general public have frowned upon Naomi for pranking her four-year-old son, often reducing him to tears.

A chunk of her videos' comments sections include netizens calling her out for putting her son through traumatic experiences.

Her appearance on this podcast wasn't the first time she'd spoken up on the issue. 

In August 2022, the local influencer responded to the flak by mentioning that she "appreciated the advice" but she'd never do anything to deliberately hurt Kyzo.

On the podcast, Naomi began by discussing her content creation process and how she doesn't post live content anymore.

She quickly moved on to the topic of the day — the controversy over her pranks.

Co-host Johnathan Chua asked if Naomi ever felt regret for posting prank videos of her son.

"No I don't, I really don't," she swiftly replied.

The influencer reminded us that she's been a content creator for over a decade and that "sometimes it's just in [her] to do certain things". 

"We've always been the prankster parents even with content that we don't put out," she shared.

In fact, the couple would prank Kyzo "almost on a day-to-day basis".

Before you get the pitchforks out, the mother of two added how Kyzo is actually "fine with it".

What the general public did not get to see was the aftercare from Naomi and her husband, when they explained to Kyzo that it was simply a prank and he had nothing to be scared or upset about.

"I understand why some people think it's not right or you shouldn't be doing this.

"But my point is that let each mum, or each parent, do what they want to do," Naomi said.

In the prank videos, Kyzo looked visibly distressed but Naomi told the co-hosts how her son bugs her to watch those videos "over and over again".

Does that mean there'll be more prank videos to come? Not quite.

Naomi disclosed that she's more careful nowadays and thinks twice about posting prank videos online.

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