What to expect from Tesla's latest 2023.6.1 OS update

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Tesla's latest 2023.6.1 OS update offers improvements to Apple Music and shows you the prices of Superchargers nearby amongst other features

Tesla released a new software update for its cars last week. It's 2023.6.1, and according to Teslafi, there is still only three per cent of owners currently on this update.

While some Tesla drivers may receive the update within a few days of it being released, most owners will actually not receive the latest update for several weeks as Tesla rolls out its updates to its fleet based on the vehicle's VIN, region, model, hardware, and other factors. This apparently minimises risks from software bugs and allows the manufacturer to assess how an update is performing.

That being said, here are the features available on the new 2023.6.1 OS update.

Steering wheel heat

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Automatically heats the steering wheel based on the climate control set temperature. To access the heating controls, tap the temperature settings.

Available for: new Model S and new Model X.

Apple Music

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Stream over 100 million songs and 30,000 playlists ad-free. Listen to your entire library, discover new music, and tune into live radio stations.

To access Apple Music, tap the Apple Music icon in the Application Launcher, scan the QR code with your mobile device, and log in with your Apple ID. Do note: A Premium Connectivity subscription is required to stream Apple Music over a cellular connection.

Available for: Model S, 3, X and Y.

Improvements to Apple Music

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With this update, Tesla has made improvements to Apple Music. When playing a playlist or album, Apple Music will now display upcoming songs in the "Up Next" section like other music services.

Available for: Model S, 3, X and Y.

Sentry Mode lighting

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When a threat is detected, Sentry Mode will softly pulse the headlights to indicate that your vehicle is recording video. The pulsing stops after 60 seconds or when the car is unlocked.

Available for: Model 3 and Y.

Improvements to Service Mode

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Tesla has added a new option to its Service Mode. Under the "High Voltage" menu, there is now a Charging menu in addition to the HV System option. You’ll now see information regarding your vehicle’s charging system.

The charge port section will display whether there’s a cable connected, whether it’s latched, or if the button on the cable is being pressed.

The battery section will display the state of the vehicle’s battery management system as well as the minimum and maximum coolant temperatures detected.

Available for: new Model S, 3, new X and Y.

Supercharger prices

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When viewing Superchargers nearby, the vehicle will display the cost per kWh in addition to the location, distance, speed and number of stalls available at the Supercharger.

The cost per kWh displayed may be time-based and could change depending on when you arrive. To preview your cabin camera feed go to Controls > Service and tap on Preview Camera.

Available for: Model S, 3, X and Y.

View cabin camera

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You can now see a live view of your vehicle’s cabin camera while within the vehicle. This is useful to see what the cabin camera captures, as well as to be able to preview your video feed before beginning a Zoom meeting.

To preview your cabin camera feed go to Controls > Service and tap on Preview Camera.

Available for: new Model S, 3, new X and Y.

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This article was first published in CarBuyer.