What's new in the next-gen Apple CarPlay?

What's new in the next-gen Apple CarPlay?
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Apple has confirmed that its next-generation CarPlay experience will be able to display content across several screens within a vehicle, as well as deeper integration with a vehicle's hardware, allowing users to manage the radio, alter climate controls, and more directly within CarPlay.

According to Apple, the next CarPlay version will also display a vehicle's speedometer, fuel level, engine temperature, and other information on the instrument cluster. CarPlay users will also be able to customise their driving experience by selecting from a variety of gauge cluster styles, and widgets will deliver at-a-glance information like weather and music applications straight on the dashboard.

Apple has stated that the new CarPlay experience would be introduced in late 2023, with automakers Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Audi, Nissan, and Porsche, already confirmed to be on board with the integration, and more to follow.

The next generation CarPlay will be released in September 2023 alongside iOS 17. Here are the latest updates you can expect on the new Apple CarPlay update.

Instrument cluster integration

The new CarPlay experience will now integrate with a car's instrument cluster, including the speedometer, tachometer, odometer, fuel gauge, engine temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, and more. According to Apple, drivers will be able to select from a variety of gauge cluster styles and layouts, including brand-specific alternative themes.

Climate controls

You'll be able to select the temperature of the air conditioning or heat, fan speed, heated seats, heated steering wheel, and other features directly from the latest version of CarPlay.

Multi-display support

The new CarPlay will be able to show on all of the displays in a car, delivering a uniform experience across the infotainment system, instrument cluster, and any extra dashboard screens. Apple claims that CarPlay will be customised for each new vehicle model to fit different screen sizes and layouts.


Widgets will play an important role in the new CarPlay experience, providing quick access to information like trip duration, fuel efficiency, distance travelled, calendar events, weather, phone calls, the status of a HomeKit-enabled garage door, and more. The widgets within the instrument cluster will also be viewable and scrollable.

FM Radio app

The new CarPlay version will feature a brand-new Radio app allowing you to easily operate the FM radio in your vehicle, such as changing the channel.

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